Friday, 21 October 2016

Minerva crochet flowers

My Minerva make this month is a crochet one. Although choosing fabric from Minerva is a delight, there comes a point where we just didn't need anything new in our wardrobes but there is always room for an exciting crochet on the go project.

The yarn is a super luxurious sock yarn called Jawoll Magic Degrade which comes in 18 different colour choices but I opted for a subtle Heather Moorland palette. You may recall this yarn was my holiday knitting project but my brain must have been elsewhere because when I got home there were just too many mistakes in it to carry on so I changed tack. The centre line had gone completely astray, the stitch count was miles out and can you see that hair grip, that is holding a dropped stitch!

I used the Ravelry search engine to search the yarn rather than a pattern and it turned up trumps with this project. A great way to find the right pattern for the right yarn in the right quantity, you should try it. This project uses one ball.

Quick little flowers emerge which are joined as you go along. It was a great little project for travelling on the go or for doing two flowers a night whilst not over crocheting my injured arm.

About half way through making it I decided to treat myself to some blocking pins, well why the hell not? I have been blocking work for myself much more lately to get a better finish and it was certainly needed with this scarf. Look...

It is quite short, a decorative kind of attire but Little M loved it so it is now hers. Just the right size for a child and matches her eyes beautifully.


So what have we learnt today?
Knitting doesn't make itself right no matter how much you hope
Ravelry yarn search is a super discovery
Jawoll Magic Degrade is a beautifully soft yarn
Children like allsorts
A little crochet everyday is good for the soul
Little things make big things

Thanks Minerva for such fine quality wool. 

Jo xx


  1. That smile just brightens my day. A beautiful make, I really was impressed with the yarn.

  2. It looks gorgeous...OH I do wish I could crochet...x

  3. You are a wonderful teacher, Jo. Thanks! The scarf and model are beautiful! xx

  4. Looks lovely Jo and really suits little M.

  5. Gorgeous wool . Just put my order in. I think mine will be for a pair of socks though. Your little one enjoys her modelling doesn't she? Bless her.

  6. Perfect for your little girl, really beautiful.

  7. Such gorgeous yarn and I love the pretty flower scarf you turned it into! And your little girl is such a sweet model! Happy weekend Jo.
    Helen xox

  8. Such a pretty scarf. I have some Drops Delight in my stash somewhere it looks very similar. I might just have to dig it out.

  9. She looks so pleased with her new beautiful scarf. Great job Jo.

  10. So pretty and totally worth calling it quits on the other project (Isn't that just such a hard decision though, to stop and accept it's not working? )

  11. Wool arrived. Really pleased with it. Decided to make a flower scarf instead of socks. I'm using a free pattern off Ravelry.I will just make flowers till I've used up all the wool.Then see how big I want it to be. Thanks for showing the wool on your blog.

  12. it is beautiful yarn. Here is the link to the one I used. Looking forward to how you get on with your project.

  13. That is so pretty I don't know how you complete your crochet so quickly. x

  14. It's lovely. I like that you get such distinct colour changes without having the ends to sew in. And yes, blocking, it's amazing isn't it? Totally transforms things. x