Sunday, 16 October 2016

All Done #14 Cotton Lawn + press release

I was asked to be in Love Sewing magazine!!!!! Excitement levels were palpable as I endeavoured to take better quality photos for the editorial with my dad, not my usual modelling buddy but he was good and I felt more relaxed than I thought I would.

Anyway it got me thinking about the piece that was left over. This cotton lawn fabric, from Minerva, was a wonderful choice considering I chose it online. Sadly however, it is sold out in all three colourways.

I had a piece left over so I had a 'cutting out leftovers' morning a few weeks back to stop my craft cupboard from looking shabby. Nobody wants to open their craft cupboard and see a load of mis-shapen, half cut leftovers - make way for the new stuff I say. I haven't 'vintage pledged' with Marie for a while so I picked up one of my favourites Butterick 3598 circa 1968

I didn't need a new dress but suddenly I really wanted a peter pan collar blouse. I did some measuring and adjusting. I nearly had to choose between sleeves or a collar but I decided to cut one set of collars on floral and one set with lining. In hindsight this was a good idea because the fabric was sheer so the flower pattern would have disturbed the look with the pattern showing through.

Ta dah! Looks great with my handmade skinny stretch jeans.


I added a lace zip to the outside in red which really finishes it off. I am not really keen on zips on the outside of garments but when they are pretty like this one it looks meaningful.

All done number 14 with this fabric, it has all completely gone. It has been good to do another vintage pattern for the #vintagepledge this month because I really enjoy making and wearing from my vintage pattern collection.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo x


  1. It is so so pretty and trully inspires me to have a go at making my own one of these days when I am a better sewer. How exciting to feature in a magazine too! Well done!! :) xxx

  2. Looks great Jo. I'm with you I don't like zips on the outside but that is such a pretty zip it would be a shame to hide it. I'm sure I had a dress similar to that vintage dress pattern in the sixties. Guess that's because I'm a vintage person. Thanks for the update on the magazine will look out for it.

  3. Good Afternoon Jo, Firstly congratulations on being featured in the Love Sewing Magazine, I will have to look out for it at WH Smiths. You must be over the moon. I remember when my blog was featured in Woman's Weekly, I was smiling from ear to ear for weeks on end.
    I love your blouse.... the Minvera fabric is so pretty.
    I have to tell you, I was a teenager in the 1960's and like Jackie (your previous commenter) I had a dress in the same design. I lived in Cyprus at the time and mine was made by the local taylor. We used to find a picture in a magazine and present him with the picture. He would then run up a fabulous dress in a matter of days.
    They were the days.
    Best Wishes to you.

  4. Oops that should read tailor.... sorry about that. I have just addressed an envelope for my friends birthday and her surname is Taylor.

  5. Congratulations on been published in Love Sewing, what a wonderful achievement. Look at you go. Once again I love the vintage pattern and gorgeous fabric.

  6. That is great news about the article. How fabulous. This top is a bit of a smasher too. That collar!

  7. How exciting, Jo! It's so nice to be recognized for doing what you love. You've gotten to be such a talented sewist. I've really enjoyed watching your skills progress over the years. Your top is beautiful and looks lovely on you!

  8. Another pretty top and congratulations on the magazine feature. You must be so excited.

  9. Well done, Jo! I am so glad your sewing talent is getting more public recognition! I love the pretty material and the sweet blouse you made from it. [You will be proud of me. I sewed fifteen squares together on a Featherweight Singer sewing machine on Saturday. They were rather wonky practice squares I had cut years ago. I found that I had just enough leftover matching material to piece together a pillow backing for the squares. I will try to post a photo this week to show you...not a close up mind you or you will not be so proud of me ] xx

  10. Check you out in a magazine. Congratulations Jo. You've always such a breath of fresh air and creativity.

  11. Oooo, exciting being in a magazine, well done.
    Love the top, and the zip is a perfect finishing touch.

  12. Jo, you are famous!!!!! I am so thrilled for you. The article looks fabulous. You look divine. Love your new blouse.

  13. Yay, well done you! Very well deserved. That dress was a stunner, the fabric is so gorgeous and it makes for a beautiful blouse. Nicely done! xx