Friday, 7 October 2016

Can't stop the Cordouroy

I just can't stop sewing with cordouroy at the moment. Since the 1st of September I have made a dress and skirt for Little M, stretch jeans for me and these two garments for Big Sis. Today I am sharing the pinafore which I made first. Then I used a bit more spotty cord to make this no pattern skirt for Big Sis using the last scraps of my stretchy cord from my jeans for the waistband.

The pinafore is the next size up from this one I made her in 2014. 

She asked for another one. Ottobre magazine, I love you and your kids patterns.

It is a bit big at the moment but this girl is growing fast.

Sewing or wearing cord at the moment? - we are, big time.  Jo xxx


  1. They look gorgeous. I am doing a lot of crochet at the moment with some tiny sewing projects in between that need to go to Santa.

  2. I love seeing the fun outfits, your sweet models, and your latest makes, Jo! You encourage me to keep making as well! Happy Weekend :) xx

  3. That pinsfore is super cute. I wish I one exactly the same!

  4. I went through a phase of making cord trousers many years ago. They were in fashion at the time and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sew with. I love the pinafore dress you made.

  5. Big Sis looks fabulous and models so well. She certainly is growing fast.

  6. Ooooooooh I just love cord! The skirt and pinafore are so cute but trendy too! I would love to make the pinafore for my 9year old but she has a button phobia! I made her a cord shift dress instead which she loves!

    1. Bloke has a button phobia, I don't get it but there you are, each to their own. Thanks for your comment. x

  7. I love the pinafore dress I wish I could find an adults version :)

  8. Adorable girls with adorable outfits, I love the tights!

  9. I still love cord and this dress gives little Miss room to play to her heart's content.