Monday, 27 June 2016

Vintage Liberty Twin Set

Am I too old for a twin set? Am I too young for a twin set? Who knows but I had to use up my last bit of Liberty fabric in an efficient way before it got cut up for make-up bags or something and that would have been a waste. Sorry, morning hair!

I had so many lovely comments about my bloke's jumper which I turned into a cardigan that I wanted to have a top to wear underneath. I wear the cardigan a lot so to have a set seemed like perfection to me.

I used my all time favourite vintage pattern ,1967 Simplicity 7642, to make a shell top view 2 with bust darts only.

I picked out a vibrant pink for the top as it was hard to get a green that matched the jumper too. There was just enough to do the bottom pieces. I would have preferred the top but there you are.

It is a bit chillier today so I am wearing it with cropped green jeans.

I am pinning this to my vintage pledge board for 2106.

So tell me fashionable people, is a twin set an old or young thing these days?

Thanks for stopping by. Jo x


  1. Hello Jo,

    What a lovely idea using up the liberty fabric wisely like this! It suits you, and goes perfectly with the cardigan!

    Have a great week!
    Ingrid xx

  2. A twin set is called fashionable these days and depending on where you get them from also very "in". The colours suit you and if you don't feel comfortable wearing a twin set, then call it a top and a cardigan because that is what a twin set is. Jackie

  3. As long as it pleases you does it matter whether you are too young or old. After all age is just a state of mind and in the summer I am sometimes in my teens.

  4. It looks amazing and strangely I asked my husband that very same question this morning as I had seen a set that I liked. His reply was what difference does it make as long as you like it. Very wise man I think...

  5. Mama's husband is wise! I know nothing of what is currently fashionable, but I like what you have made and how it looks on you. If it is comfortable and pleases you then you have created a "classic!" xx

  6. Both ar gorgeous, but most especially the cardy , the trim is perfect :)

  7. Cool outfit. Love it. Twin set for the win.

  8. Wonderful idea Jo, you look fabulous, morning hair and all!

  9. This looks lovely. The splash of pink near your face works really well with your skin tone and colouring. What a great way to use up scraps of coveted fabric!