Friday, 24 June 2016

Garment Cover and the rest...

This month my Minerva fabric choice was not what I thought it was until it arrived. I chose it to make a set of FiFi Pyjamas, however, when it came it was too stiff and generally in my opinion not a dressmaking fabric but straight away I saw the potential to use it in other ways. So if you don't make clothes but like to sew read on for ideas...

My winter coat, which my dad bought for me, was hanging on the back of the spare room door. I LOVE this Skater duffle coat. I didn't want to use space in my wardrobe to hang it for the winter and it was quite heavy for the rail so I hung it on the back of the door. It is not a good place to hang a wool coat; in front of the window in a dusty room. So I made a garment cover in oooh about 30 minutes, here's how I did it.

I also used this fabric to cover my clock in the same room.

It was also a fabulous fabric to line a crochet bag.

I made a handy project bag to take needles and yarn on holiday in July to make my next Minerva make. Can I get needles on a plane? - do tell of your experiences.

Finally the last piece was used for a little peg bag.

So you see, you don't have to be a super seamstress to enjoy a bit of machine sewing. Those online purchases where you don't get to feel the fabric can always open up new doors.

Thanks Minerva Crafts.

Jo xxxx

While we are looking at the clock. The Clock kit giveaway winners were Ingrid from Funky crochet and Amy from Love made my home. Congratulations both! The kits are on their way to you at this very moment.


  1. Wow Jo, you certainly made great use of that fabric!! So many good makes. As for needles on the plane, I can only speak for hooks. Don't take any scissors on the plane, take a pair of nail clippers to cut yarn. Take needles you would not be sad to lose if they do take them away. Take wooden needles, put them in a pencil case or something with pens and so on so they stand out less. Pack extra needles/hooks and scissors in your checked luggage. I have crocheted on the plane into and out of the USA with no issues. Looking forward to receiving the clock! Thank you! xx

  2. You have been a busy bee with all those projects Jo. They all look fabulous and a great use of fabric. Well done. Jackie

  3. You have prompted me into making covers for my winter coats, they do take up so much room in the wardrobe. I can hang them on the ironing rail in covers.

  4. What great ideas. When fabric is not what's expected it's too easy to add to the stash K xXx

  5. I love the idea of making a cover for coats, I am going to check out what fabric I have available. I generally take a crochet hook on the plane and mum takes knitting needles but they are usually wooden ones. Scissors are always an issue, nail cutters seem to be hit and miss but I have had success with cutting yarn using a floss cutter on the top of dental floss which seems to work effectively with no issues. Hope that helps.

  6. Congratulations to the winners! I love all you made with your material, Jo. I currently have no sewing machine and have been thinking of investing in a vintage Featherweight Singer. I was never able to successfully use my husband's Viking sewing machine...thwarted by threading and tension issues. I have hope I could learn to use the Featherweight. A year and a half ago I took wooden knitting needles and a crochet hook on the plane with me with no problem and packed a little sewing kit with scissors in my
    checked bag. Happy Weekend! xx

  7. You are amazing, I love all that you have made. Yes for needles on a plane, I have been taking them on planes forever with no issues at all. And that includes metal ones. I pack my small scissors in my luggage and try not to need anything during the flight, I have heard nail clippers will work in a pinch and are approved to be on the flight with you.

  8. We flew long haul this year and I checked the airline before problem with knitting needles :) Loving your non dressmaking makes :) x

  9. What a brilliant idea and just the thing to protect my winter coats from dog hairs too! Different airlines have different rules I believe. x

  10. Wow what a lot of makes. some great ideas to pinch there too.