Monday, 20 June 2016

Summer Weekend News

Today is mammoth weekend post full of variety and fun. Firstly, on Saturday we went to try and finish jobs on the cabin. We have painted the inside of this one. We wished we had painted the inside of the last one but once the furniture was in we couldn't be bothered to move everything again. This colour is called seagrass by Ronseal.

We also varnished the floor (again we wished we had done it before) it means that the we can go in and out with muddy boots so it dries and brushes off.

I lost my fabric bunting in the storms that ripped the previous cabin to bits but I have strung up my crochet flowers which look great.

The kitchenette survived alongside the general camping paraphernalia so that is all still really functional for hot drinks, easy meals and toast.

The girls got all of their washed cosy bed stuff out of the bin bags and loved messing around on the bunk beds. Bloke rigged the solar panel back up so we have lights again.

We hung up Big Sis's curtain which looks lovely.

There is just the log burner to go but I am still a bit apprehensive about lifting heavy stuff at the moment because I had a bad back a while ago and don't want to risk anything stupid. We need to invite some friends to come and join us for a sit in the sunshine and work as a team to lift it but we don't need it just yet anyway.

The outside of this one is different, a lower roof this time without the chalet overhang which catches the wind. We still need to finish painting the outside. All in all we are mighty chuffed with our hard work and thankful to those who have helped put it up - you know who you are!!

Everything is really green, including the ever growing pondweed, but we still managed to do some pond dipping.

The tadpoles have legs, then we caught two of these huge things - a dragonfly nymph of some description which was about 12cm long.

I took the girls round the pond for a mooch. Little M loves looking for the seething tadpole masses and then waiting for dragonflies to land on her; she considers it a wasted trip if one doesn't land on her arm.

On Saturday evening we went to a music festival in our village/town to listen to live music, have a dance, meet friends and generally have a late night with the children. That is a sweaty Megan after dancing to 'Hang the DJ' by The Smiths gone 10pm on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Big Sis was singing in a choir on the second festival day. She is quite shy so it was a good chance to be with others to perform on the big stage.

I was performing too with my Tribal Belly dance friends unfortunately it was raining for one spot and my tie dye skirt was rapidly soaking up water! But it was fun anyway.

Do you know, I am absolutely wiped out today, kind of glad it is raining!

Have a good weekend? Jo x


  1. How fabulous that you managed to get so much done on the cabin. It looks great. Did I spot you new belt on the dance outfit Jo?

    1. The belt is a triumph. I can get it on and off to go to the toilet between dances. I put my old crochet shawl onto the new belt and it is really comfy. Jo x

  2. It sounds like an amazing fun weekend! I love your cabin, is it on a piece of land you own near your town? The inside colour is lovely, very you I think. Dancing all night is good for you :-)

    Our weekend was good but I wouldn't say fantastic. Have a lovely week. xx

    1. The cabin is 15 mins drive from our house in town. The land was my grandparents but now belongs to my dad. It is on a ridge in a very geologically interesting area of Shropshire. It has fantastic views over Shrewsbury and the south Shropshire hills. It is a very special place to me, I only wish I could invite all my bloggy friends to see it! Jo x

  3. The cabin looks amazing, perfect timing all ready for the summer. Sounds like a great weekend.

  4. Great to see the cabin coming together thanks for sharing K xXx

  5. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend! :-)

  6. Your new cabin is beautiful, a lovely place for your family to relax and have fun in. All your hard work has paid off. I hope you all enjoy it in this wonderful summer we are going to have!

  7. Glad you had a great weekend. The new cabin looks fantastic! I love the painted wall cover and your little decorating touches with the flowers and embroideries. Glad you had a good time with your tribal dancing too!

  8. That was a very eventful weekend. So glad your little cabin is coming back together

  9. What a terrific weekend you all had. The cabin is such a pretty colour, it really sets off all your other decorations. I bet the girls' are pleased with their bunk bed, it's so pretty!
    Love the directors chairs, I have one that has been waiting for me to recover it since a little mouse made a home in it, one winter a couple of years ago .... having seen yours I must put it on my to do list!
    Barbara xx

  10. It sounds like a weekend packed with fun, you all look like you are having a great time, the cabin looks wonderful adn you look fab in your dancing outfit.

  11. Well we may never make it to visit you but thanks for showing us some of the lovely spot and fun! So glad you were able to dance without pain!!! xx

  12. What a fun-packed weekend. The cabin is looking great and your outfit for the belly-dancing looks fab!

  13. Hello Jo,

    Love your very own style in the cabin, so pretty! Nice to see you in full dance outfit! You look well! :)

    Take care,
    Ingrid xx