Friday, 29 April 2016

Beret Good (eventually)

My friend wears a beret in winter. She has been wearing the same one for as long as I have known her, maybe she really likes it or maybe she would like a new one for her birthday, we'll see.

I have another ball of the Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn that is really soft with beautiful colour runs. Seriously folks, this yarn is 2.99 a ball for 230 metres! I started this hat 12 days ago...

The pattern is on straight needles but I tried it in the round on circular needles by omitting the K1 at the beginning and end but I kept loosing the lace row stitch count.

I cast on 4 more times and still couldn't follow the pattern. I am sure it is not the written pattern that is the problem but it was driving me crazy. Time started to become an issue (I need it for Sunday) and that is no way to be knitting a lace hat.I am so rubbish at lace work, it is because I don't concentrate. I use knitting to numb the mind in the evenings so I am not always thinking about what I am doing.

In the end, I used the row counts from this pattern to get a sizing but did stocking stitch for 5 rows then 2 rows of knit to get the garter pattern. I repeated this 5 times and then followed the pattern for the crown decreases.

The pattern is called Silky Merino Beret by Michelle Meadows which can be found free on Ravelry. I am definitely going to have another go at it when I can relax and concentrate more.

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy the weekend. Jo xxx


  1. Looks good! I have never worn a beret, but I might now I've seen this. Lovely!

  2. Hi Jo,

    I think your beret has come out fabulous! With such a lovely colour change yarn you don't really need fancy stitches (in my opinion).

    I love the nice shaping of the crown!
    Well done for making such a lovely gift, I'm sure your friend will love it!

    Ingrid xx

  3. What a beautiful gift, such a sweet label too. I love the yarn you chose, and totally agree with Ingrid it didn't need a fancy stitch.

  4. Hey Jo the beret looks great and I love the colour runs. The wool looks really soft and silky what weight is it?

    1. Marketed as Aran but I used 4mm needles and used it as DK

  5. I love berets but trouble is, I have a tiny head and have to buy children's...usually pink and glittery...ugh. Don't think my knitting crochet skills are up to doing it myself. Your friend will be thrilled.

  6. You have made another lovely gift, Jo! I appreciate you sharing your process in making, in this case your struggle with the lace pattern and how you chose to solve your difficulty. You have created a lovely new pattern :) Happy Weekend! xx

  7. She is going to love it. If it makes you feel better I am rubbish at lace, It seems I should be able to keep track of the stitch count but I just can't.

  8. This yarn looks so soft and delicious, I love the colours. Your beret has come out just fabulous. Viola

  9. Lovely! I really like the yarn and the colours. I am sure your friend will love it!

  10. It's lovely! I'm sure she is going to love it :)