Friday, 1 April 2016

All done #11 Scrappy T

Thank you for all the positive comments on my last post. Who would have thought cutting up your blokes old jumper would have been so popular!

My All done posts take a look at how I have used up every last scrap of fabric to stop it festering in an ever growing pile of useless stuff filling up our house, I do not like that feeling, not one bit. I am on post 11 so far - Whoooo!

Jersey scraps are the hardest things to use up: different thickness' different directions of stretch, small apparently useless pieces left over. They kind of annoy me just sitting there in the cupboard with no real use other than taking up space. There has been no real inspiration leaping out at me when I open the cupboard hence I despise them all neatly folded up in a sandwich bag, then I had this idea.

I reached for an Ottobre magazine for a T-shirt pattern. Cutting was a careful operation checking each piece for direction of stretch. It was not just a case of fitting the pattern pieces onto the fabric. I had to make each front and back piece longer with a strip along the bottom with the stretch going around the body.

It turned out really well and I was really pleased with it, so was she. She took off her current clothes and changed into it which is always a good sign. She chose the cuffed sleeve herself.

I had deja vu when I visited the So Zo what do you know? blog last week to find that Zoe is doing the same thing with Ottobre patterns and jersey scraps but on a smaller scale for her toddler.

I am surprised to say it is making me tingly with excitement to see I have another bag of jersey scraps to play with... In fact I waited only one day and hastily made another one I was so motivated by my success.

At the moment my fabric stash is generally full of small pieces left over from my own dressmaking projects so expect more girlie makes to follow over the coming months. But as for those two bags of jersey scraps... they are 'All done'

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a good week. 
Jo x


  1. Hey what a great way of using up all those scraps. Not only scraps used up but made into two very wearable, very trendy looking tops well done. Jackie

  2. Two great tops and a very beautiful model.

  3. You are very creative! Those tops are really beautiful. Irune

  4. Those tops look great, what a good idea for using up jersey!
    Caz xx

  5. Well done fab tops. I love scrap bust busting always makes me feel very frugal.

  6. Wonderful job Jo, you inspire me.

  7. We have a win win relationship, Jo. You keep sharing wonderful ideas; and I am inspired to pursue completing creative projects as well! xx

  8. They look super, a couple more items for her wardrobe and you managed to use up those annoying scraps, good job. xx

  9. Both tops are fantastic, I love how you use up every last scrap of fabric.
    Marianne X

  10. Awesome work! That's so nice that your daughter wanted to wear it straight away. It's a fantastic combination of colours, and I agree that it can be so hard to match up knits as they can have such different properties can't they?! xxx