Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Old meets New

I have been looking for a footstool for ages. I have been crossing my legs when knitting and crocheting in the evenings and I know this is not good for me. I have a board under my side of the sofa to help me sit up straight but then my feet don't touch the floor properly. I NEED a footstool.

I bought it in an antique shop on the way home from work. I pass it all the time but had never been in. Then this week there was a parking space right outside, it must have had my name in it.  I swung in and scoured two floors in 15 minutes to buy this Victorian oak stool for £20.00. It is really heavy for such a small object.

I borrowed Bloke's tool kit. Actually, I used some tools in a very inappropriate way but managed not to stab myself too seriously. I was thinking, men don't feel the need to store their kit in glass jars with ribbon tied round them do they? funny that I thought.

It was old, really old. The stuffing was sheep wool, there had been both a hessian lining and a leather one under the tapestry stitched top but it didn't have woodworm.

It was a filthy job which ended with me blowing black dust out of my nose but I was a woman on a mission.

I removed as many nails and upholstery pins as I could. It was fascinating, there were so many from all different eras. There were clearly hand made ones with very chiseled edges and sharp points to brass ones to domed tacks which the tops came off when I pulled them with pliers. This foot stool needs some modern materials I thought. I reached for the staple gun and my last few pieces of linen silk embroidered curtain material.

I cut a piece of foam from a couple of old chair pads, then stretched over the fabric. I have no skills here, I just smoothed the corners as I went along. 

Finally I used my glue gun to add an edging. I didn't have a burning desire for an edging but I bought a few crochet trims which seemed more up to date than shiny braid to cover those staples.

Want to see how big it really is? 

Teeny - my yarn bowl is as big as a cereal bowl. Hooray! I may be able to stave off varicose veins for a little while longer.

Talking of home crafting I can announce (after nothing more sophisticated than writing everyone's name on a piece of paper) that  by picking two at random, the winners were Kestrel makes and Knitwitsowls. Congratulations both! Please email me with your postage details so that I can get the lampshade kits posted out to you.

What are you folks up to in the home? Jo xxx


  1. Wow Jo. That stool did have your name on it. You've done such a great job with it too. Hope it stops you now crossing your legs

  2. It looks lovely Jo, that material is lush😀 I have a piano stool in need of recovering , it's a family heirloom (along with the piano) so I'm reluctant to change it as I remember sitting on it at my Gran's! Maybe I'll bite the bullet one day ...

  3. I love looking at antiques, even more when they have been restored to live another day/year/decade.

  4. ooh so lovely! Need to visit the secondhand shops around here... I'm sure the result won't be as cute as your stool, but still, all of a sudden I feel the need for a stool :-)

  5. You really have done a great job. I was amazed at how small it is. Loved the trims. Take care.

  6. At last a footstool what a good job you have made of that Jo. It looks really good and I'll bet it's so comfortable when you are sat with your feet on it. Plus it's just the right size for small bums.

  7. Well done Jo. I love that this little stool has lived a long life and will now find a new home with you.

  8. Everyone NEEDS a footstool. You did great with yours.

  9. You've done such a great job on the stool. I love your idea of using cushion pads inside. I have a stool stripped down. I've been stuck at that stage, so I'll have to take a leaf out of your book and use cushion pads. Thanks.

  10. Wow, a lot of work, but a great makeover!!! It looks great, hope you enjoy using it. Love your yarn bowl too!

  11. Oh yay! Amazing, so happy to have won! Thanks Jo, will email you. Good work on the footstool too x

  12. Hello Jo! Found your lovely blog. Rebecca x

  13. It looks great now, you practically rebuilt it didn't you! love the embroidered fabric. xx

  14. Fabulous work. Looks like it was hard work too! Your finished piece is lovely.

  15. It is interesting to note the layers of history you uncovered in your neat little recovered stool, Jo. I recovered the cushions of our dining room chairs long ago and was so glad that I could use a stapler for the process as you did. I did not have to hide the staples, but love how you hid yours so stylishly. My big project this past week was washing the pathway on the carpet in my room. A sweet little two year old Grandie had dumped some of my jar of honey on the carpet. When I realized she had a little Pooh Bear toy in the vicinity, the mishap made perfect sense, since we all know how much Pooh Bear loves honey, and she was no doubt trying to please him :) xx

  16. Hey Jo,

    It just goes to show what a good woman on a mission can accomplish! :)
    I really love it, well done!
    Enjoy many years of service!
    Ingrid xx