Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me made May

I am taking part in Me Made May hosted by So Zo. I won't post everyday because you have seen so many of my makes but I will do a little round up each week. My pledge was to endeavour to photograph any member of my family wearing any item I had lovingly handmade for them and post in May.

A pretty wholesome challenge I thought and I wanted to do it last year but it got away from me. So to begin...

Friday 1st May
Worn to - work
With - navy trousers and a purple cardigan listed below (not jeans and a pink belt!)
From - Sew Simple Peter Pan collar blouse
Thoughts - too shapeless but I love the fabric so I still wear it
Make again? - No, I sold the pattern on ebay last week!

Taken by my friend Ian Woodward from the Hooded Lens
Saturday 2nd May
Worn to - Beltane bellydance bash in Wrexham on Saturday night
With - bought lace top and yoga pants underneath
From - my imagination, the skirt is two spliced and sewn together, the headdress is a collection of stuff glued to a headband and I crocheted the top and the back of the hip scarf which you can't see.
Thoughts - My crochet top is getting a bit stretched now so I would like to make a decorated bra next.
Make again? - it is a constantly evolving costume

Sunday and Monday 3th & 4th May
Worn to - Lunch with my brother and his family at home then on Monday to Hawkstone Follies for a long walk.
With - My Crocheted jumper and handmade jeans
From - Jumper from Cafe classic Book and Burda Jeans
Thoughts - My typical Weekend fayre and a regular combo. 
Make Again - If I made the jumper again I would make it smaller but I will definitely make the jeans again.

Tuesday 5th May
Worn - to work 
With - thick tights and boots, it's gone wet and cold again here.
From - the cowl is my own crocheted design, dress from pattern Newlook 6209, cardigan from ravelry here.
Thoughts - I wear this cardigan a lot but I am trying to like the heavy crepe grey dress so am giving it another chance today.
Make again? - cowl yes, cardigan yes, dress maybe but not in a fabric that won't press. (look at that hem!)

So my first few days are going OK. It really does make you think about what you wear in this challenge. 

See you with another MMM15 post next week. Jo xxxxx


  1. A handmade outfit every day, that is quite impressive! Looking forward to the next edition of MMM. xx

    P.S. I have some fabric I am trying to shift if you want a surprise packet, pm me your address :-) you are more imaginative than I am!

  2. Impressive indeed. Loved the crochet jumper, I fancy having a go at that for myself.

  3. Wow you have such a talent, love the jumper and jeans.
    Clare x

  4. Homemade jeans. Much respect.

    I like the crochet jumper; you said it was from a book. Do you have a link to it, please?

    1. http://www.amazon.com/Rowan-Yarns-Designs-Knitting-Classic/dp/1904485375
      Mostly knitting patterns, all stunners but there is the one crochet jumper in there.

  5. Wow Jo your posts are so inspiring! Such a great collection, love them all especially your dance costume! xx

  6. Lovely photo's Jo. Lots of lovely makes too.

  7. I've always wondered what crochet jumpers would look like and now I know. Your home-made garments are beautifully finished and look great on you. Congratulations! Judy.

  8. Gorgeous as always, oh-talented-one! Btw, my knicker kit as just arrived with the postie - thanks for the inspiration :-)

    1. You will love making them - such fun!

  9. Really lovely. I'm trying to make more things for myself to wear - moe than just a scarf that is!

  10. Only just found you and what a post. a great introduction to what you do. Very inspiring, I shall be back to see what else you have made to wear. Totally brilliant x

  11. I can't even begin to put together a handmade outfit for even one day, so five of them is just amazing to me. Well done, I am SO impressed!

  12. Ooh i think I'm in love with that purple cardi in that last photo!

  13. I think you look fabulous in everything. There are so many things I make but never wear, I need to be better about that and you are giving me the inspiration to do so.

  14. Love your crochet jumper and jeans combo along with the matching scarf.
    How about a line of overstitching on your grey dress to make that hem crisper. Or some turned under bias binding.

  15. Look at you in your belly dancing costume!! Brilliant, But the crocheted jumper is my favourite by a mile, it's the sort of cut and colour I wear a lot. I'm off to look at the pattern. xx