Friday, 15 May 2015

As suggested

OK, I trust you, even though I don't know some of you but I believed you when you said the flowery cord would make an excellent skirt. How right you all were.

I had been resisting using it for a skirt because I had enough for a dress and now I have a little bit left over which is useless but look what I have... a fabulous lined skirt.

I chose to make the 'On trend' skirt from Ottobre autumn/winter 2015 because I had made it before, loved the pocket details and challenge of a bit more skirt for my sewing time.

I am enjoying Me made May but boy is it showing up the need for me to make some solid colour garments. 

I want a plain cardigan to go with this now. 
Might go yarn browsing. 

Thanks for the advice you lovely people. Jo xxxx


  1. It's a lovely skirt. Glad you were able to make it from such a great cord print.

  2. Dear Jo
    It looks great - I knew it would! Congratulations! You could always use the remaining piece as part of a bag?
    Best wishes

  3. Your skirt looks lovely Jo. I can always recommend DROPS yarn for cardigans, it is cheap, washes well and comes in thousands of colours. Ok, maybe 60, depending on the yarn. x

  4. Love the skirt.
    Have you enough fabric left over to make a matching bag? Or even to incorporate into a section of a bag? There are some fab patterns out there.
    Hugs x

  5. Very impressive, it really does suit you.

  6. That fits so well and the material is beautiful.

  7. I love it :) The print is perfect for a summer skirt :)

  8. It looks fantastic, and fits you like a dream. I love skirts, much prefer them to a dress. Hugs,

  9. I would wear this is so me x

  10. Great job John. I'm very impressed and a little jealous too. xx

    1. Sorry my phone exchanged Jo for John. Predictive texting just breaks my heart sometimes.

  11. Love this skirts. Great material that works wonderfully well. Love pockets in skirts and dresses.

  12. It is fabulous! Grat fabric, great pattern, and looks amazing on you - i want one!!

  13. What a beauty! I love it, the shape, the pattern, everything! It's perfect! Xx

  14. What a beauty! I love it, the shape, the pattern, everything! It's perfect! Xx