Wednesday, 13 May 2015

On the Home Front

I realise I have been bombarding you with my wardrobe of late. Sewing is quick and produces results in an evening or two so there is always something to blog about.

However, just recently we have been spending our weekends helping my dad move house. He is downsizing (seriously) from a five bedroom house to a two bedroom bungalow. Our house in the meantime has been filling with stuff he can not accommodate but I am too sentimental to get rid of. Sound familiar?

This dresser looked surprisingly good in our dining room filled with our dinner service. 

Then dad convinced me to have the servery that went with it which is growing on me slowly. It was was my great-grandparents' furniture from their farmhouse.

It looks a bit strange with modern scrapbook colours on the shelf and some DIY doors which I MUST paint but all in all it is looking mighty fine. Bloke and I bought the Edwardian easel 10 years ago at an Antiques shop - we don't know why, we just both liked it. I did art at Uni and those charcoal drawings are mine, I look at them now and can't believe I drew them.

Want to see it all together?

Mmmm! some wood colours going on there. What do you think? Maybe I could hunt down a table cloth and change the curtain pole to help it blend together a bit. Suggestions welcome...

Jo xxx


  1. Dear Jo
    I think the furniture looks great (but then I am a fan of the dark wood Victorian furniture). You've already got a bit of a Victorian look with the dado rail and colours. A tablecloth could be the way to go and you could paint or varnish the curtain pole, rather than replace...
    Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Best wishes

  2. Painting or staining the curtain pole would certainly save on the expense of a new one. Sanding back the table and staining it or adding a table cloth would be my suggestion. I am a great fan of dark wood so I think the furniture is stunning, it must have lots of memories for you too.

  3. Very lovely dresser! I can see why you didn't want to let that go! Your dining room looks fantastic! sam xx

  4. I think the servers is an interesting piece of furniture. You could always stain that square panel on the top of your table in a darker stain to match your heirloom furniture. And stain the curtain pole rather than replace it ~ unless you were to go for a brass curtain pole. I will be interested to see what you collect to place on display on the top of the servery. Do you think you will use the servery as a servery? I know in my place empty surfaces seem to attract things which should live somewhere else.

    1. I took those photos yesterday and it is already covered in last nights crochet class stuff!

  5. It looks rather lovely Jo. Can I come for dinner soon? xx

  6. I really like that dresser, it has good bones, nice proportions and shapes. A table cloth would be a cheap and easy way to dress the table, but I have to say I never worry about wood types matching, I think we have multiple types in every room in the house! I hope your Dad has settled well into his new home. xx

  7. Love the dresser, hoe your Dad's move goes ok
    Clare x

  8. Heirloom furniture like that is brilliant! And how well the wood goes with the green of your dining room. Go for a tablecloth; a lovely maroon would be good!

  9. Those pieces look outstanding in there Jo! What a treasure to have furniture that belonged to your great grandparents!!! It looks like they were meant to be in your room!!! Such a lovely space to dine my friend! Have a great Thursday Jo! And outstanding charcoals!!! Nicole xo

  10. All of those pieces are really impressive. I really like the final photo as it is.

  11. There is no way you could ever part with those pieces, they are amazing and have a history. Your girls will wan them one day. By the way you might be able to sew something in a night or two but I can't!