Thursday, 30 April 2015

Something for the weekend!!

I sort of knew it would was only a matter of time. There was once a time when I said life was too short to make your own knickers but then I have really got back into sewing. I want to sew anything and everything because you see, I just love learning new stuff. How does the gusset fit with the seam on the inside, I wondered.

I enjoyed the post made by Lazy Daisy Jones here. Then I tried to win a giveaway in a magazine for a kit. In the end I bought a kit. It was £15 from Flo-Jo in Bristol and it has been worth every penny of joy I had making these gorgeous frillies.

You get the fabulous fabric, jersey for the gusset, ribbon for the bow, knicker elastic and a full pattern to make sizes 8 - 18. All you need is a sewing machine, a cup of tea and a sense of sewing adventure. There is even a little label to sew in or out as I chose to do.

I can see potential here for using up my 100% cotton scraps and fat quarters to make fun birthday presents for my closest friends. You know, the ones I would feel able to give a punt-on-their-size sort of friends.

Then it all went a bit crazy over the last two weeks and I had so much fun with knicker-love for my friends. 

I mean liberty knickers, who wouldn't want a pair of these?

The possibilities are endless.

I even had to order more elastic I was having such a good time.

I normally end with 'Thanks for looking' but that seems a bit strange today!!

Jo xxx


  1. Ha, ha - I love your comment about "Thanks for looking"! In response dare I say "your knickers are fabulous and i love them!" They are really pretty - I might even be tempted to buy a kit myself - and wouldn't a kit make a great gift!
    Caz xx

  2. Oh you made me laugh with the thanks for looking bit!! I have no idea what to say to this - I am not usually stuck for words as you know!! - but what do you say. They are fab though and I love the idea of Liberty knickers!! Have fun!! xx

  3. I love your knickers! There we go - that's sounds pretty strange as it is! I tried the Flo Jo kit and was similarly hooked - sadly my size couldn't fit into a fat quarter but hey ho! Well done Jo! Jane x

  4. Love these, I've been seeing handmade knickers popping up everywhere. I will definitely have to have a go, I NEED some Liberty knickers!

  5. Haha these are amazing! I have a friend who was talking about making some of these and I actually had a pattern by 'Jalie' which I have given to her plus loads of lace I had, thinking I would never ever make knickers. Now you have got me regretting it!! They are brilliant xx

  6. Not strange at all Jo! They are so very pretty!!! I think this is just awesome! Happy weekend you!!! Nicole xo

  7. Ooh those red knickers are fantastic. Undies are a bit down the line for me yet. I must first get to grips with the basics of sewing. I moved into my studio a couple of weeks ago and took my sewing machine out for the first time in months. I struggled to sew in a straight line. :))

  8. My Mum remembers Liberty bodices from the second world war, but never Liberty knickers! Are they the whole day wearable sort or the thrill before bedtime kind? In other words, can these smalls last through a Waitrose shop or are they Ocado?

    1. Funny! They are actually really comfortable for all day but you can't wear anything smooth over the top otherwise you have a wrinkly bottom! Thanks for stopping by. Jo x

  9. Your post made me smile just when I needed it, great comment 'thanks for looking'. Impressive looking pants!

  10. I might have to order me some of those! Mary

  11. Yay dont you just love em? addictive for sure, made any for the girls yet jo?
    Oh you are making me want to make more........
    bestest d x