Sunday, 19 April 2015

and now red skirts

How do or did you feel about school uniform? I have mixed views. I like that my children can get dressed quickly in the morning without negotiating with them. I like that children from all backgrounds look the same without prejudice of clothing brands. They are also inexpensive and readily available to buy. However, my girls would love to wear their own clothes. They have so many as we are given bags of them from my friend with three girls but in reality they wear red gingham five days a week. Children find it really hard to locate their own stuff at school too, after all they are all wearing the same - except of course if your mum makes stuff for you.

Last September 2014
Big Sis asked why she had to wear a uniform the other day and observed, "Why do we need to look like grown ups going to work?" I had to agree with her but I gave the advantages to provide a balanced argument.

September 2014
Last week I went in the loft to get Little M a couple of school summer dresses but the one she liked with big pockets had a big marker pen strike on the front so I cut it into a skirt before her very eyes - I was a very popular mum, she was mightily impressed.

Then Big Sis wanted a skirt because all her blouses still fit and she likes wearing them so I made a pleat fronted skirt with an elasticated back, looked a bit more grown up for her.

So how do you feel about school uniform? I know it is different in the US. What is it like for you? tell me...

Jo xxx


  1. I am not a big fan of school uniforms. I never wore one myself (in Switzerland), I am sure this is the reason for my no uniform preference. I do love your individualised skirts though, the girls are compliant with the uniform and stylish at once, how magic is that. I must admit I have never bothered with making stuff for school. Annie never wears a skirt or dress, just trousers,this is my excuse. xx

  2. Isnt it funny that we are all so different. I love school uniform. I hated my own, but I love that my children have to wear it (and theirs isnt nearly so horrid. Mine was beige blouse and bottle green skirt with brown socks and brown shoes. Vile). I like that there is no teasing or making fun of someone because of their top or whatever. Every time we have a non-uniform day at least one of them comes home saying someone said something about something they were wearing.
    Every year I mean to make summer dresses into skirts, I think I may actually do it this year lol

  3. After studies came out in the late 1980's in the US about the positive reasons for having school uniforms I advocated for them at the public elementary school where I worked, but the policy was not adopted. Had the charming guidelines your daughters are modeling been available perhaps the outcome would have been different! I love what you are creating for your girls, Jo! By the way, I showed my 7 year old granddaughter, Hayley, Big Sis's crocheting and she was very impressed, so perhaps she will stick with the craft and have fun with it as well. [Granma hopes so :) ] xx

  4. Most of the stuff spouted about school uniform is nonsense. Children still separate others out for being poor as all uniform is not equal. In fact it easily shows up a lack as everyone knows what it is meant to be, and some children are missing certain obvious items. That can lead to tellings off by teachers and ostracism by other children. Also some children know how to dress it up or down to make a statement. I had uniform but was teased mercilessly for its inadequacies. My daughter had uniform which was boring. I did make her first pinafores which were very sweet however. Then she moved to a school without it several years later. No uniform means that lots of savings are made actually, as you do have to buy clothes for outside of school anyway and then the uniform which can be pretty expensive on top. Some uniform is ridiculously expensive and only comes from exclusive shops at rather exclusive prices too.

    When you have uniform, it means the clothes for outside school don't get much wear before they are grown out of. When they can wear them everyday at school, you get full wear from them, plus it is so much nicer to see the children in normal clothes. I loved it when my daughter went to school where she could wear her own clothes. The children looked much nicer and it was a better school than the one with uniform as well. Real things mattered rather than how things appeared to be.

    Uniforms are generally rather ugly. Stamping out any individuality is stupid when you then expect children to grow up having it. I dislike all uniforms, not just for children. They are usually designed to be ugly, in horrible colours and unflattering to all that have to wear them. Little school summer dresses can be rather pretty but the rest of the year, the uniform is pretty grim in most schools. I don't think it looks smart or attractive at all. Quite the opposite. My daughter was not actually much interested one way or the other.

  5. I think there are pros and cons to both as you mentioned. At private schools around here they wear uniforms but my beans will be going to public school which means no uniform. And after working in the schools and seeing what some of the older kids wear I am totally on board for uniforms!! What you have done with their little uniforms is just adorable! Your girls are too sweet for words Jo!!! Wishing you a lovely week ahead! Nicole xoxo

  6. My daughter's primary school didn't have a uniform. The Head (who had no children of his own) used to insist it was cheaper to let children wear their own clothes. That is simply not true when uniforms can be bought very cheaply. He also had to send out letters in the hot months asking parents not to send children to school wearing skimpy clothing that didn't protect them from sunburn. The new Head has 2 children and the school now has a uniform!

  7. I think there are good and bad points, I hate that they are all encouraged to look the same and be part of the crowd - not allowed to show their individuallity or be comfortable with who they are or being different. But I have to say it is so much easier! Also it helps separate school and home time which like. Either way I love your skirts (and your hand knitted cardis!) What a great idea - I cant wait till my girl grows out of her dresses so I can make them into skirts!!!!

  8. Your girls are the cutest! Me and my 2 little sisters all used to wear red gingham and hand knitted cardigans to school too - this has brought all the memories back! x

  9. I swear those girls are the cutest ever!! And they look darling. We do not wear school uniforms here but mine teenager did when he was younger and went to private school for a few years. The uniforms were so expensive and so, so dull. But I liked the fact he could just pop one on and there was no inappropriate attire so that was good. So I an not sure exactly how I feel except that I feel your girls are darling.

  10. Great job. I've already said how I feel, but I think school uniforms would be great. Here, they've started using them in many schools just to cut down on violence between kids over wearing colors or clothing types that are associated with gang culture. Hooded sweatshirts are one example. Also, some lower-income communities have moved to uniforms because it helps parents save money on clothing. You can buy a lot of second-hand uniform pieces in thrift stores. I buy them for my kids sometimes, especially the polo shirts for my son, just because they are nice, basic and simple styles.

  11. I am a fan of school uniforms, and I think your daughters look super in their uniforms. Lovely to see them wearing hand knitted cardigans
    Caz xx

  12. Really interesting to read the comments above!

    On balance, I like school uniforms. Affordable (ish), fair, easy to launder, and I like the way it gives the school such a clear identity. I love what you did here, such a good idea. x

  13. come and live down under - a public school uniform can be 100- 200 pounds - private 500 such luck as buying at a supermarket - I used to buy in England and then bring back down under! Or mail order via M&S if generic and split packs between friends. But most school uniforms have emblems on now and can only be bought from the school or a uniform shop. Most schools wear uniforms now here.