Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Little make.

When I received my Christmas swap parcel from Rosie at The Old Magnolia Tree the decoration was wrapped in a bright fat quarter. What a bonus... I wanted to use the fabric to make something for the girls.

After knitting my arms into oblivion to finish my jumper, I took half an hour out to sit at the sewing machine to make these...

I used exactly half each and I also used the ribbon which the parcel was tied up in. What are they for?

They are spare socks and pants bags for them to have in their school bags. Little M was a little indignant about this make stating "I don't wet myself anymore" but I convinced her that if she was playing outside at playtime and fell over in a puddle she might need spare undies!

Later we made our Christmas cake.

Needless to say, everyone was very excited but nobody wet themselves!

Thanks Rosie for a little bit more inspiration. Your Irish Porter Christmas cake looks wonderful. Jo x


  1. I just love that shot of you and your sweet girls baking!!! That is just adorable!!! And if the whole world was like you we would have such a cleaner planet!!!! Look at you turning your wrappings....what a brilliant idea by the way.... Into those cute bags for the girls!!! Bravo friend!!! And a merry day to you!! Nicole

  2. Lovely pictures and very organised with spare undies as one never know :) xx

  3. I love the little bags, and of course she doesn't wet herself, but she sure might spill her milk.

  4. Such a lovely way for your present to have been wrapped up and such a good way for you to make use of it! What a clever thing you are. xx

  5. You are so clever, Jo! I have two fat quarters from swaps I did last year. They are the perfect size for pillows, but I have yet to stitch them up. I often am searching for a little project bag to slip a ball of yarn and needles in, so perhaps I should use them for that instead....decisions decisions :-) Thanks for posting your idea...and I love the picture of you and the girls cooking together, too! xx

  6. The bags were a great idea. My daughter has a Ziploc bag in her cubby at school for her extra panties and socks (and also a shirt and pair of leggings, just in case). She would probably love a nice little bag like this.

  7. What a great idea! The fabric is so pretty. And the christmas cake is looking very yummy indeed. xx

  8. When did girls start taking spare pants and socks into school?
    In my day you were sent to the Secretary and she "found" you a pair. Happy days ;0)