Monday, 16 December 2013

Hooray! Mini Skirt

I don't have any work now until the new year (my maths and crochet courses don't kick in again until the new year) so I am enjoying myself making things. Yes, there are other things I could be doing in this child free last week before the holidays like paint the back door, paint the front room, tidy up a bit in the garden but hey, it makes me happy.

I made this mini skirt from some boucle style fabric my friend gave me from a house clearance. Lets take a closer look...

It is thick and warm; perfect winter skirt material. I lined it and I bought this ribbon in the summer out of a a little basket for 20p on the market to trim the edge.

Pattern wise I am really getting into this drawing-around-your-best-fit-item system that I used for Little M's trousers. I got my best fitting skirt, drew around it with a seam allowance, marked on two front darts and cut away. I love top stitching, it makes people say, "where did you get that skirt?" rather than "did you make that skirt?"

Got my blacks and blues a bit jumbled there but it is so comfortable.

Oh the garden, brown bits and dead bits and places where the chickens have been scratching around. Maybe I should put some wellies on and get out there before it turns arctic.....

Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. Both you and your skirt are looking good Jo, well done and enjoy it, it does look cosy and the trim finishes it off so nicely! Hugs, Joy ox

  2. A lovely skirt Jo! Well done.
    Marianne x

  3. Hmmm, probably not a skirt to be gardening in, but certainly a skirt to be looking so good in the garden in! You did another great job with your sewing Jo, and you are right, the ribbon edge top stitch really does make it look great! Hope that you enjoy your week of making and not painting! xx

  4. It looks great! You did a wonderful job with it.

  5. Your skirt is just lovely Jo, I had a suit just like this in the late 1960s and felt so smart in it when I was working as a junior secretary for a firm of lawyers. Looking at it on you helped me to remember just how lovely this style and fabric is - you look gorgeous in it Jo and I think the tights and sweater are fab and bring it all together. You are one clever and creative lady Jo, no wonder you inspire me. Have a great day tomorrow, big hugs to you as always

  6. Your skirt looks fab, in fact the whole ensemble fits well together.
    What a clever girl you are.

  7. You look great in that skirt Jo. Wonderful job. Enjoy a little time to yourself, the garden can wait.

  8. I think your garden looks great! SO much green still friend and a fantastic grouping of plants! But lets talk about that skirt!! It is beautiful Jo! Seriously! The whole outfit is fantastic and yeah for time off! I am glad you are doing what makes you happy rather than painting the door! Sorry I have not been by....I have some sick beans again! You take care and have a wonderful week! Nicole xoxo

  9. Awesome skirt Jo! I like black and blue together. :-)

  10. It's gorgeous. The fabric gives it a Chanel look, very smart. x