Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hooray! Noro pullover

Just a quick post to say hope you had a great day yesterday whether you were celebrating Christmas or just having a day with your family. Here is a little photo of my finished Noro pullover on ..... my new dressmakers dummy. Yay!

I LOVE my new pullover.

I have some other crafty and woolly gifts to share but right now I am going to prise small pieces of lego from down the side of the sofa! Jo x


  1. It came out so beautifully, Jo. Wear it well.

  2. What a beautiful sweater, Jo. I love the colors. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! xo

  3. Jo, you did a great job on the sweater and it looks fantastic on your new dress form. She must have a name you know, mine is named Caroline after my sister and Grandmother.

  4. Love the pullover and I so want a dressmakers dummy.

  5. Beautiful Jo! Hope you managed to get the lego out!! xx

  6. Hi Jo. On my first but definitely not last visit... (navigating through to you from Jennifer at thistlebear). I love Noro wool and your pullover is beautiful, the colours are perfect and I particularly like the orange bits popping up every now and then. I wonder if dressmakers dummies come in size "unbelievably huge" ? Christina