Friday 6 December 2013

Amelia Scarf pattern

Linking up with the Crochet along with Chrissie today.(check out her sooo cute hat) Lots of people have asked me about the scarf on the Amelia Hat pattern so I have decided to write it down. Maybe you need one last quick Christmas present.


Rowan Big wool 7mm hook
Chunky 5.5mm hook
2 strands of DK 6mm hook

UK terms. Treble mesh stitch

Foundation row: chain 20

Row 1: Ch3, 1tr in the 3rd chain from the hook. *ch1, skip a chain, 1tr in the next stitch* repeat to end. (11 trebles and 3ch turning chain)

Row 2: Ch3, 1tr in the first space. (go under the whole stitch, don't split it, go straight into the hole.) *Ch1, 1tr* into each space. (11 trebles and ch3 turning chain)

Continue until you run out of wool or it is the desired length. Get hooking you might get one finished for Christmas!

Thanks for looking and your kind comments as always. Jo xxx


  1. Lovely tutorial, looks like it could be whipped up rather quickly - perfect for a last-minute gift, thank you! Cxxx

  2. That is a cute scarf, and looks so warm and cosy. Thanks for taking the time to write the pattern :)

  3. OOh thanks for this - I've still got the hat on my list to do, even though the wool is right there just sitting patiently waiting to be used.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. You are so sweet to post this great pattern, thank you so much.

  5. Jo, this is like Russian to me ~ my sister is a great crocheter. Do you follow Handmade by Carolynn? Thought you might enjoy her creativity too

    1. I do indeed. That lingerie was to die for. Get your sister to make one that's what I say! Jo x

  6. Hi Jo I have been away from crochet for too long and am determined to do some this coming week. I adore the hat and scarf and want to thank you for putting on this tutorial which is just fab. A great post as always Jo, always enjoy your blog. Have a fabulous weekend, big hugs

  7. Gorgeous thanks so much for sharing this
    Clare x

  8. Great tutorial Jo and I do love the flower on the hat! xx

  9. Jo your work is so beautiful! This is such a wonderful teaching post!!! Thank you as always for sharing your craft! All the best to you this weekend friend!!! Nicole

  10. It is bone chillingly cold at the base of Mt. Hood here in Oregon, and your hat and scarf look like a very stylish combination to defend oneself from the below freezing temperatures. Thanks so much for sharing the "how to," Jo!
    Gracie xx

  11. Oh these are lovely and thank you for sharing the pattern, I will be pinning these to my pinterest!!

  12. How very strange Jo, I made exactly the same scarf using exactly the same stitches and sold it at the Christmas fair. Clearly great minds think alike!! xoxo