Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Stitch along part 2

I am following the Sunday stitch along with Chrissie.(bit late but we had a crazy weekend) I have chosen my project and I have made a start. I traced the chicken pattern from my book Cath Kidston Patch onto the fabric with a sharp pencil and off I went attempting an even back stitch with 3 strands of thread.

It was quick and very enjoyable. I need to make five of these squares so I am doing the chickens in different colours because I am using up old threads rather than buying more.
The fabric is just a poly cotton I already had so it is not always as clear as linen for stitch placement but I was getting better as I went along and tried to pay attention instead of watching Antiques Roadshow (what a rock and roll lifestyle I lead!)
Other Stitching news from here... Big Sis has learnt to back stitch too and she made this little heart decoration which came first in the show on Saturday in the 6-11 year olds craft section. She was really pleased. It took her all of the summer holidays doing it bit by bit.
I finished a WIP from over 10 years ago. I started this map of our home county and just needed to put on the title and get it framed. I got it done and put it in the show but it wasn't placed but I now have a perfect in-laws Christmas present stashed away so I didn't mind.
There are some great stitching projects out there, go and take a look, especially Joys cushion, so clever. I have also learnt how to do fill in stitches from Chrissie which I didn't know how to do before.
Lots of Love Jo xxxx


  1. I love your chicken! I can't wait to see what different colours you choose - I also like using whatever I've got rather than buying yet another shade of green... Congrats to Big Sis, lovely stitching! Chrissie x

  2. I love your chicken too Jo - it's so fresh and clear and bright - aqua is such a nice colour isn't it!
    Big Sis did so well with her lovely stitching - it's great that she has the crafty interest at her age, and with all that's going on around her (namely, you!) her interest and ability can only grow! Well done girls!
    Looking forward to your next project Jo!
    Joy xo

  3. Your chicken is looking great Jo and I think the idea of using up all your floss, rather than buying one, is very frugal and I am sure the end result will be a great deal more satisfying. Big sis has done a wonderful job with her back stitch and I think she might as well join in she is that good!! She will teaching us the ropes soon. Happy stitching this week and thanks for your lovely comment over at mine too!! xoxo

  4. Your chicken is looking fab, the stitching is sooo neat. Congrats to big sis her make is so sweet. Have a happy week.
    Clare x

  5. Lovely chicken. It's nice to see a little girl stitching; I loved to cross-stitch as a child and I am glad girls are still interested in doing things like that.

  6. Great chicken, and lovely stitching. Big Sis is an inspiration, coming first is a great achievement and will inspire her to enter other shows. I'm sorry that your lovely embroidered map didn't get placed, there is obviously many hours of work gone into it.
    S xx

  7. Jo what a good idea of yours to trace it - I love hens of all kinds so am looking forward to seeing the finished piece - Big Sis did a fabulous job - wished I could have come to the fair Jo but events overtook me sadly. Maybe next year or the Christmas one if you can let me know, would love to come over. A fabulous post Jo, you are such an inspiration as you always do so much.
    Lots of love as always

  8. Your stitching is just exquisite! And I really like the chook design too. Super cute :)

  9. Hi Jo your chicken is beautiful such perfect neat stitching and your map is amazing what a lovely Christmas gift x