Monday, 2 September 2013

Beetroot Chutney recipe

I have the most brilliant harvest of beetroot this year. One of our families favourite things to pep up a sandwich or cheese on toast is Beetroot ChutneyThis is batch number 2.

It is so much milder than pickled beetroot and our children love it too. So on my recent themes of harvest recipes here it is...

Beetroot Chutney

3lb Beetroot (cooked and fine diced)
1 lb cooking apples (diced)
1 lb onions (fine diced)
2 tsp salt
1 lb sugar
1 pint brown vinegar

Cook beetroot and chop into a fine dice. Cook onion in a little of the vinegar to soften. Add all of the rest of the ingredients and cook until soft and sticky. Jar and keep for one month before eating.

You do need to keep it for one month or it tastes really sharply of vinegar and it needs to mellow a bit. Great on Cheese butties, with ham, pork pie, with sausages and mash etc. I doubled this batch with 6lb of beetroot (made 7 jars) and have hardly touched the bounty yet!

It does make your house smell of vinegar for a few days! Jo x


  1. We have a load of beetroot too - I do love it pickled but might give this a try, though I'm rapidly running out of space to store all my jars!

    1. One year I preserved so much Bloke said 'don't put anymore jams/chutneys/pickles in that cupboard or it will drop off the wall!'

  2. Thanks for this recipe - my mum and grandma are big fans of beet root, so this could be lovely Christmas gifts! Cx

    1. It is worth a go Chrissie, everyone I have ever given it to as a gift never want it to run out. x

  3. I now know what I'm doing with my beetroots! Thank you very much for sharing I shall harvest soon and have a go x

  4. Oh wow ~ THANKS so much for sharing this, Jo! Sounds fab!

  5. Well grown and well used Jo - thanks for the lovely recipe, looks simple and straightforward. Will give this a go!
    Joy x

  6. Jo beetroot is such a yummy food, especially with cheese, I just love it! My mouth is drooling as I type this (not a pretty sight) and I am thinking of rushing out now during my lunch break to find some quick! A great recipe Jo - you are such a knowledgeable and sharing person which I why I love your blog. Thanks so much
    Lots of love

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us Jo, I will definitely plant some beetroot next year as I tend to eat it almost every day and I can't honestly say that I have ever had beetroot chutney, it sounds very yummy indeed. xoxo

  8. Yep this sounds like a winner - thanks Jo x Jane