Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Shoes

Followers of this blog may recall that I have made an evening dress from some fabric I found under the bed from over 10 years ago to wear to a ball on Saturday. Well eeeek! The tickets came today and I went and bought new shoes!

Shiny, shiny shoes. I don't wear heels very much (too used to Dr Martens) but I thought these seemed manageable. Also they were Clarks shoes with comfy soles for £20 which was the ultimate clincher.

You can see the whole outfit on Saturday. Jo x


  1. Jo They look just lovely and what a gorgeous shade. What a bargain for the price - I adore Clarks shoes and will look these up as I wear high heels every day and sometimes my feel do ache! I hope we can see a photo of the lovely you in all your finery. Have a great day
    Lots of love as always

  2. Wow, what pretty shoes! Wear them well. :)

  3. Lovely lovely shoes Jo - enjoy them and the ball. Patent leather shoes were all the go when I was a youngster - time marches on and fashion does the circle they say.
    Joy x

  4. The shoes look lovely! :)

  5. Oh how exciting. The shoes look fab and I am sure you will be the bell of the ball beautiful Jennifer!! xo

  6. High five to new shoes! I bought some today on my lunch break, no need but I wanted heels for a wedding :)