Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sam's Flapjacks

As requested by Sweatpea family here is the recipe for Sam's Flapjacks.

8 oz Butter
8 oz Brown sugar
6 oz Condensed milk (that is one whole tin)
1lb of oats.

Melt the butter and sugar until it is dissolved, stir in the condensed milk to a loose syrup. Add oats and coat them all. Press into a slab tin. back on gas5 until golden brown. DO NOT cut until it is completely cool - I mean it - if you do it when it is warm it will fall apart.

Good Luck

Allotment collection yesterday
My day was really good yesterday. And yes I did stick to it, but in a good way. Craft Club finished and I was back upstairs for 9.30pm so I could reflect on my wonderful day with my man. I knit one glove and enjoyed my hour at the sewing machine.

Craft Club makes from last night - Tutorial here
Today? well I am going for a swim (yes on my own!) no crying in the shower because there is soap in someones eyes, no having to get out after 10 mins shivering to the toilet because someone has decided they need a poo, just me blissfully swimming up and down. Then an hour on the sewing machine when I get back, lunch etc. etc.

Will I get bored of this do you think? What are you lot up to today?
Thanks for all your lovely comments, they did make me smile. Jo x


  1. Hi Jo such a great post, it is sad in a way when the little ones start school, I can remember my baby going all those years ago and I felt bereft without him. You have done so much in a such a short time. I am on the old treadmill at the moment so treasure those days you have Jo. Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for a great read
    Lots of love

  2. Hi Jo
    Thank you so much for the flapjack recipe I'm going to make it this weekend - I will let you know how I get on. Sounds like you have had a very productive week,
    Sue xxx

  3. Those flapjacks sounds wonderful. You've been busy and pleased that you've managed to stick to your routine. Enjoy the swim without nagging and crying, pure bliss. I am looking forward to when I can start my schedule, another couple of weeks to go still. Xoxo