Thursday, 19 September 2013

Craft Club

I run a craft group every other Wednesday night. A few friends get together, chat, drink tea, eat cake and make something or learn a new skill or grab a new idea. Last night we made beaded butterflies.

I learnt to make these years ago at a scrapbooking class that I used to go to (before I had children) and they are great for putting on birthday cards.

or on hair clips or anything else that really needs a beady butterfly.

An evening picture of everyone's butterflies
  I tried to do a tutorial but my camera and my shaky hands were just not up to the job so check out Pintrest for some mind blowing inspiration by searching on 'seed beading' I really like this but my language skills are not up to it, however, I think you can work it out from the picture.

You know when you read something on a blog and it makes you think of something similar in your own life, well I read Chrissies lovely post where her children had left her cute notes all over the house then by chance I got one...the very next day...I think mine has darker undertones!!
We had argued about school PE pumps and this was a sorry note. The teacher in me just wants to add some commas, but it still made me smile. 
Happy Crafting Jo xx


  1. The butterflies are lovely! What a cute little note too.
    Marianne x

  2. Kids! They say the funniest things!!!! That is a keeper for sure Jo!!! Your butterflies are so pretty...that would be a fun one for us! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!!!

  3. Lovely and cute butterflies!!:)

  4. The club sounds like so much fun. I would enjoy that a lot. The note is adorable! I love kids' notes. Have you ever seen the website They often have notes written by kids and they always make me smile.

  5. Your butterflies are so pretty! I have a craft club, too, and I look forward to craft night every month - it soothes the soul! The note is fantastic, it made me giggle... Chrissie x

  6. How sweet Jo - everything - the butterflies, the craft club, the little note! All lovely and memorable!
    Joy xo

  7. Aahh Jo what a lovely post - the beading is amazing - really wish I could join your group Jo as it sounds wonderful. Your little note is so sweet - children are so adorable and so honest as well which makes it so special. Have a lovely weekend Jo, always love reading your blog.
    Lots of love as always

  8. The crafty club sounds like great fun Jo and oh boy you must be wanting to correct all the bits in my posts every time then!! A very sweet note! Enjoy your weekend xoxo