Tuesday 23 April 2024

Fastest Sweater in the West

 I made such a wonderful sweater, I just had to share it with you. 

This is Robinia from Ravelry. I bought the wool first and sourced the pattern later. The yarn is a Debbie Bliss Odin and I bought 10 balls for £30 from the NEC craft show in March simply because I loved the colour. I didn't realise what a bargain it was until I got home and looked it up. It started me off on a trail of trying to find a pattern to match the bulky yarn weight. After a little swatching, and lets face it, guessing I made the chunky jumper of my dreams. The pattern is supposed to be all over the front and back but the wraps used up a lot of wool and I didn't want to run out so I made it a band feature instead. I forgot how quickly you can make a sweater on 9mm needles. Started on Sunday night when we got back from the show and had it on my back 7 days later by knitting for a couple of hours every evening. 

I thought I would be putting it away for Winter but I have been wearing it in the Studio to work in because it has been so cold and i have turned the heater off in there because it is expensive to run.

It's a quick one from me today because I am away on a sewing retreat this weekend and it will be nice to include some highlights in my April...ing post.

So for a little while bye bye! Jo xxxx


  1. I love a quick make! How does a needle size 9 feel on your hands? The yarn looks luxurious and soft, beautiful (the jumper, too!) xx

    1. I have to wind the wool round because I can't do my usual throwing style.

  2. Bonito color y bonito jersey que te calentará los días fríos. BESICOS.

  3. It's a lovely colour, deep & rich. It suits you, nice to have a quick finish x

  4. Love the sweater design and colour. No wonder you are smiling. It looks great.