Friday 29 March 2024

Am I just in time for Here in the UK it has been a wet start to spring so not so much to offer on the outdoor front but there has been lots of sewing and knitting until the nights draw out this weekend.

Continuing - with my table vase challenge. A vase of something from my garden or hedgerow for 12 months. I have one more month to do and then I have completed a whole year. My birthday in January did save me a little because people bought me lovely things as gifts so there was a little bit of cheating in the depths of winter.

Getting - Out and about last Sunday to Hawkstone Follies. It is a wonderful place for a long walk and an explore of caves, follies and vistas if you are ever in Shropshire. 

Eating - winter food still. I made a cheese and potato pie last week for Sunday dinner just to warm us all up!

Gardening - but indoors. I have potted on a lot of my house plants into bigger pots and given them a feed. Our house is hot in the summer and winter so I have to keep them watered and in good soil. I have lots of successful cuttings all potted up too for family and friends. My outdoor soil is nowhere near ready for potatoes (it is like chocolate mousse) so the seed potatoes are chitting inside. 

Watching - the front border wake up with daffs and a few early tulips. This 'hot' colour border fills out pretty quickly in May.

Crocheting - out of season with the addition of an angel for my nativity set. My next one will be a shepherd and a few sheep but no hurry obviously.

Tidying - my yarn basket. It is a nerdy thing I do every time I finish a project so that I can make way for the next without getting everything all tangled up. My next project is a summer throw over with some cotton yarn given to me by my neighbour. Guess what? I am winging it with coloured stripes as usual!

Taking - it easy this weekend with friends for dinner and some light crafting.

Having - the window open on my cabin today for the first time this year. I was sewing with my big girl and we both got really warm for a change.

Making - my first ever historical costume for a party. This is a regency coat and it is very much testing me!

Preparing - for some sunshine with a couple of new summer dresses. I am so over the floppy buffet style dresses now. I like this slightly fitted dress. I made the blue toile which turned out to be wearable and then I made another in my best Art Gallery poplin fabric. 

Leaving - you with a soft sunset as usual. Sending you love and best wishes for a restful weekend. Jo xxx


  1. I love seeing all your makes, your dresses look lovely on you. I'm glad I'm not the only one tidying up the project bag/basket, as soon as a project is finished. Happy Easter x

  2. Happy Easter, Jo. Your March... ing post is upbeat and happy, glad to read all is going well. I went out walking without a coat for the first time this year! Spring, here we come. Sewing with the windows open sounds blissful xx

  3. How lovely to have the windows open in your cabin while you sew. It always makes me feel better when the sun is out. The angel is looking pretty fab and just think you will have a fantastic nativity set ready by the time it is next needed. My potatoes have also been chitted and are waiting to go outside although like yours the ground is still horrid. Happy April to you, Jo.