Thursday, 15 September 2022

September has been a month so far of harvesting and preserving. I know this kind of activity is a rarity nowadays but I love the way it punctuates my year and reminds me of my farming grandparents. So here goes...

Picking - Autumn Bliss raspberries. The canes are only one year old and last year we had a few but now we are picking a bowl full every night. I have made raspberry vodka, jam, muffins, pavlova... you name it, we are eating raspberries with it.

Receiving - some specimen stems from my flower growing friend every few days. These are the 'seconds' that don't quite make it to a bridal bouquet but always make it to my window cill.

Taking - a photo of a bee on one of her dahlias. It is dahlia central round here. 

Collecting - apples from lots of my neighbours. I purposefully did not plant a cooking apple tree when I chose my fruit trees because there are always plenty to be had.

Processing - is the only way I can describe using this round courgette that I missed when picking. I had a cooking session and made courgette and apple chutney, courgette cake and then soup. All delicious.

Filling - my table vase with this week's garden blooms from my own garden. I have cosmos, roses, dill, kanutia, gaura and the most beautiful snap dragons.

Deciding - to step away from the sewing machine for a while. I sewed for 7 hours yesterday for work and the sitting position made me a bit stiff today. I went for a good walk up a hill with my dog. 

Returning - to a small bit of knitting. After suffering with tennis elbow for eight months I can feel it easing a bit lately. I have been strict with myself and done 2 rows a night for the last two weeks. This curly caterpillar needs a good blocking to turn it into a butterfly of a shawl. 

Fixing - the handles on my favourite knitting bag which I bought in the South of France a few years ago. It looks as good as new with new handles.

Starting - a craft group in our local hall. The village requested that the hall be used more often so we have been meeting every week. I have taught four neighbours to crochet!

Sewing - up some lovely things which are all secret for Minerva but always keeping my hand in with our day to day wants and needs. At the weekend I made eight pairs of knickers for my girl. It started out as a lockdown need thing and now she won't wear shop ones!

Brewing - lots of homemade wine. I have bottled rhubarb and strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and bloke has had a go at cider. It may be getting slightly competitive!

Waiting - for the damsons one or two days more. We picked a few which are good for eating but the softer ones are better for wine. I am hoping to get my plum port brew on. It won at the local show but I have a habit of never being able to quite recreate the same wine twice. 

Leaving - you with the view as always. Life is treating me kindly.

Thanks for dropping in. Jo xxxxx


  1. Me encanta leerte , ver tus bonitas fotos ¡¡y bragas!! y me gusta especialmente la pasión por hacer productos caseros de producción propia y natural. Te deseo más mejoría para tu brazo para que puedas seguir disfrutando de las labores. BESICOS.

  2. That is an absolute beast of a courgette, well done you. It's lovely to harvest all the things at this time of year isn't it. Loads of apples here at the moment, gigantic dahlias and chillies that I don't really know what to do with. And just the right amount of tomatoes, although I wouldn't mind a glut. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. CJ xx

    1. It has long been my fantasy to have a glut of tomatoes. Maybe next year!