Wednesday, 25 May 2022

 May is my most favourite month. Everything is so Greeeeeeeen and alive. My blog post this month however is light on news. I have mostly been working with short interludes outside for dog walking and animal feeding.

Having - a haircut, back to the bob for a while.

Sewing - the Friday Pattern Company Wildergown blouse; the Atelier Jupe Liv blouse; the Juliette blouse and the Brumby Skirt. The Liv blouse is already a gonner because bloke put the silk blouse on a machine wash that was too hot! Whoops. 

Collecting - eggs in my new big pockets.

Catching - rainbows in the May showers and cooler sunshine.

Weaning - this little fella. Only two feeds a day now and less next week because he is eating grass and lamb feed.

Moping - about the miserable experience my big girl had on her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. They got lost a lot, they were three hours over schedule on both days, it rained on the night they had to put up the tent and cook pasta, the rucksack was 18kg, the leaders gave them a different route to the one they had planned... it goes on. She hurt in so many places because they walked so much longer than all the other groups - 8am - 6:15pm non stop! She still has blisters in between her toes and two of her toe nails are going to drop off. She is over it now and so am I but it wasn't the famous five expedition she thought it would be. Shame.

Stunning - sunsets of late.

Knitting - a tank top. I still have a problem with my arm so it is a few rows a night on this one. I am not even on the interesting bit to show you.

Picking - my first crop of radish and spinach with loads more pickings from the rhubarb.

Photographing - in the lighter evenings. It is great to have a longer day. Here are a couple of my favourite photos of late.

Waving - goodbye to the bluebells and saying hello to the foxgloves.

Feeling - disappointed with the weather. Normally May has some prolonged sunshine and I start to live my life outdoors. This May I have mostly been working and banking up my tutorials while the days are chillier hence the terrific amounts of clothes I am making.

Looking - forward to June. There are some lovely things to come.

Thinking - I'm lucky that I'm happy to be living this life. đź’™

Jo xxxxxxxxx


  1. Tus blusas son bonitas, una lástima el lavado en agua muy caliente. y felicidades por tan maravillosas fotografías. BESICOS.

  2. A stunning evening photograph of the view with the clouds, wow. Sorry about the D of E experience, that sounds rough indeed. A nice bowl of radishes here for tea today as well, one of my favourite early season things. I really love this time of year as well, the greenness of everything just takes my breath away, I can't stop looking at it. I absolutely love the big egg pockets, fab. CJ xx

  3. Hi Jo, oh what a shame your girl had a bad experience I bet she was so excited so set off too. Your clothes are looking beautiful and i love the outdoor shots especially the little fella! He has such a sweet face. x

  4. Such a shame about the DoE Bronze expedition. James isn't even allowed to camp overnight for his this year.... not sure why actually. So he has two one day expeditions. I love your Wilder blouse. I made one last year and loved it. I made a tiered version, not the actual blouse but blouse length. By coincidence, I have fabric and pattern and notions in a bag for another version. Big egg pockets are useful. I hope the weather clears up a bit for June, it has been such a dreich May! Cxx

  5. Yes, May has been a bit unpredictable but I am trying to remain optimistic for June.
    Sorry that the Dof E was not the eperience that your daughter wanted and hope her poor feet have recovered now.

  6. A shame about your daughters DofE expedition, a friend's daughter did similar walking on hers. So much walking carrying a great load of food etc and trying to boost morale with some other stroppy girls was no fun. Your hair cut looks nice x