Thursday, 20 January 2022

I have decided to move my ing posts towards the end of the month so that I can include all the seasonal things that have been going on, when I did them at the beginning of the month I was always kind of a month behind.

Loving - early morning dog walks in frosty weather. So much more enjoyable than the December murk we had.

Feeling - much happier with my yarn choice for the latest knit on my needles. I frogged the last yoke because the coloured yarn was too thin and it sort of fell into the brown yarn. This one is King Cole Bramble in a colourway named Goldenberry. For me, it should be called Blue-Tit-in-a-tree.

Making - a much better job of knitting when the yarn is right. There are no mistakes this time.

Shrinking - my Paper Dolls sweater :( It had a cooking stain on the front and I made the mistake of washing it on too hot a wash. It is a pain in one way because it was a 3ply knit but in another way it was always too long but I kept wearing it because I made it. I wasn't overly in love with the coral colour either.

Turning - said sweater into a cosy cushion cover instead. Fun or misguided?

Awing - at my youngest girls stitching work. I am also in awe of how she keeps the momentum of it going. She does some most evenings while watching one episode of Death in Paradise from the iplayer.

Looking - on as my oldest shows equal skill but uses hers to modify her jeans. She is currently working on the hedgehog at the end. Heidi flits between creative activity because she is doing GCSE Art and has lots of other creative outlets. She loves a few evenings on her cross stitch too.

Welcoming - Gordon. He is our new cockeral. It could have gone one way or another but our one remaining hen, Daisy, was driving herself demented in the run on her own. They get on so well and Daisy has stopped doing sad laps of the run and they peck about together in the field. We are hoping to get some chicks but who knows?

Celebrating - my birthday which always pulls January along somehow. I had so many wonderful gifts and cards. Bloke bought me this bracelet and my friend made me a yummy syrup cake. My mum got me some summer flowering bulbs and I also had new gardening gloves and woolly mittens from friends too. An array of hobby linked gifts. Perfect.

Sewing - I have made some very successful stuff of late. My favourites are this double gauze Charlie Caftan. The fabric is an absolute winner, but while making it, I wasn't sure about the caftan style however as soon as you tie the waist it makes the most comfy dress.

Trying- out a more casual pattern to make a hoodie. It is actually for Heidi but I am having a go with it too.

Thinking - I am very lucky to live where I live and do what I do.

Wanting - to start gardening again. I am getting itchy feet to grow things.

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xxxx


  1. Hi,I have always loved your blog.You are such a talented family and I love to see your creations.Happy 2022.

  2. Hi Jo, Happy Birthday. Yes you are very lucky to live where you do but there’s a lot of work goes into keeping it looking that lovely too and you and your family work hard to make sure it does stay that way. CHICKENS I love chickens (I may have mentioned that before). Gordon is a stunner, keen to see if there are babies and how sweet they will look. The fabric of your new sweatshirt looks really good and a great fit too. Your girls are so creative and Megs stitching prowess is awesome. Heidi’s cross stitch is really coming along and is so neat.

  3. Happy Birthday Jo, Lovely post, as usual. Love the dress you have made. Gorden is a stunner! A lot of work gone into the embroidery in the hoops. I did the same green one a while ago.

  4. The first and last photos are absolutely gorgeous. And the hoodie is brilliant. Glad you had a good birthday, the bracelet is perfection, just right for you I think. I am completely in love with the little mushrooms on the jeans, fantastic. Gordon is very handsome indeed, nice that Daisy has a companion! CJ xx

  5. Hello Gordon and happy birthday Jo! I am glad you feel happier with your new yoke yarn, lovely yarn makes for a happy knitter. The pattern looks difficult but I am sure you can do it. Your girls rock! My remaining boys at home are interested only in sports and computer games. Excellent idea to move your posts to the end of the month, makes sense. I completely forgot mine so will also have an end of month post. Have a wonderful weekend, maybe with some early gardening? There is always something to tidy up at this time of year xx

  6. A lovely month and happy belated birthday. The stitching is so amazing you must be very proud of them both, I am glad your hen is happier with a bit of company. Loving the home working along with you. x

  7. Oh my, what lovely embroidery! I have not done that since I was a girl. This makes me think I should try it out again. Really, I love all the crafts (and the chicken too!) you've got here. So glad I visited!