Thursday, 14 October 2021


Enjoying - the slow season change this year. Nothing to harsh or nasty all in one go; a slow wind down into Autumn.

Wearing - my new autumn inspired shirt in a plum colour cotton lawn.

Celebrating - The youngest's birthday with a Death by Chocolate Cake from her new cookbook 'Jane's Patisserie'. Meg had followed this blog for a long time and asked her Nanny to get her the book. We had a kind of 'Bake Off' moment where we sat watching it cool down and were too impatient for it to do that properly. We iced it anyway and the icing melted and oozed out of the sides. Luckily, it was in the fridge during this process so it set at a funny angle. Who cares? It was the most delicious cake Meg has ever made.

Hanging - from a harness at Go Ape in the Wyre Forest as a birthday treat. We all went on it so we only have terraferma photos!

 Using - my Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals recipe book. I love it because obviously it takes around 30 mins to make a great meal but the best thing is there are a range of side dishes I would never have thought of which include lots of veg. This is a broccoli pasta sauce ( I may have been a bit more liberal with the other veg there) accompanied by melon and prosciutto ham salad with a strawberry smoothie dessert. It was a big family hit.

Buying - some re-usable plastic straws which you can slide open and wash easily in light of this smoothie hit.

Loving - my new vase. I saw it in an antique shop for £8 and thought that the short 14cm height would be perfect for home grown flowers which often have shorter stems than shop ones. Modern vases are either too wide in the neck and leave a big hole in the middle or are really narrow and make the flowers stand to attention. 

Being - blown away by a rainbow I saw over our house on Tuesday!

Patching - THE jeans. Yes, they are still going...

Finishing - a huge pile of log cutting ready for colder days. Bloke has really relished this task over the last few weekends.

Pulling - up most of the Cosmos and courgettes to give the garden a general tidy before it all gets really slimey. 

Teaching - my eldest how to skin a pheasant. I appreciate that this photo and concept isn't for everyone but it is important for us to use what we have and not waste anything.

Slogging - it out making curtains. I hate making curtains, however my friend has a stock trailer and I have a sewing machine. He took my sheep to market and I have made his curtains. Sometimes that is how things work.

Mucking - out the studio. It had all gone a bit feral in there but normal floor space has been resumed.

Watching - the views as ever from our back door. 

Thanks for dropping by. Are you enjoying the changing season?

Jo xxxxx


  1. I am enjoying it, as you said it has been a gentle transition. Loving the look of the birthday celebrations, we went to a 'go ape' centre for my friend's Hen do a few years ago and we all loved it. The cake looks amazing she is such a talented girl. I am having my first Thursday off today as I reduced my work in School to three days, whoo hoo! So I have been sewing of course this morning. Have a lovely weekend. x

    1. Hey that is great to hear. Happy sewing. Jo xxx

  2. My mum used to bring back furry rabbits from the butcher when renting country holiday cottages - I used to stroke them when they were lying sadly on the counter. I remember the butcher laughing at me. We also ate venison and hare. Sometimes we would have poultry including pheasant, that needed plucking and their innards removed - the smell was horrendous if the stomach contents got spilled. We all helped with the plucking too. None of it made me at all inclined to eat it! I did though.

    I have been vegetarian/vegan for 37 years now. I dislike most kinds of animal farming but appreciate that meat eating is what many people do and will continue to do so. Far rather that an animal had a natural life first and that if animals get killed for 'sport', then they should never be wasted. (Pheasant also gets killed by cars, which I have seen.)

    Your daughters cake is stunning - the roses look amazing! and even better, looks delicious. How lovely too that she made it for her sister.

    I too hate making curtains, it feels good when they are done though. I think changing seasons are wonderful,and all have something to offer, but autumn and spring are my favourite times.

  3. First of of all I love the curtain material they have good taste. I’ll bet they looked brill when finished and hung. That’s the way of country life muck in help out and ask a favour I think it’s all such a great way of living. Wow that cake looks scrumptious bet it didn’t last long. Love the neck shape and colour of the autumn top and it really suits you. People are telling me that we’ve not had much of a summer but I think it’s been really nice. I love Autumn and everything is so nice at the moment. The fact that nothing goes to waste is such a good lesson to learn and you have to learn how to do the messy bits as well. It’s a great skill to have. Sunsets are amazing as always. Love the blog.

    1. They were actually five full length curtains with eyelets on from his sister-in-law and she gave them to him, he left them in a bag under the sofa for two years and I have just made them into three sets of small cottage window curtains. Funny!

  4. I was thinking that autumn is slow to arrive but put this down to a lapse in my memory, thinking it was maybe always slow. So glad that it wasn't just in my head! Curtain making is really boring, but making some in return for something that is needed and useful is a great idea. I still haven't got curtain in for our living room, and we've lived in the house for 17 years now... Happy Birthday to your little one (not so little anymore). That cake looks amazing and I bet it taste amazing, too. Being able to pluck poultry is a useful skill to have. It is important to learn where our food comes from, and how it is processed. It makes us appreciate it all the more. Have a fabulous weekend, when it comes xx

  5. I dislike making curtains as well so much so that the fabric I bought is still sitting in the linen closet five years after it was bought. Your top is lovely, such a pretty colour. The view from your back door is beautiful.

  6. Your blog post is always a joy to read ❤️

  7. Oh my... what a fabulous cake. Definitely 'death by chocolate'. Both your girls are growing up learning some fantastic skills.
    Looks like a lot of fun was had at Go Ape. Don't think I could do that now but I did do all the big rollercoasters in Florida when our kids were a similar age. I think it was a case of now or never!!

  8. I always enjoy this glimpse into your life, Jo, and I'm always amazed by how much you get done. The birthday cake looks brilliant.