Tuesday, 14 September 2021


Foraging - for our first season blackberries. We are collecting them in a pot in the freezer to make blackberry gin. We keep adding to the pot even if we only get a few.

Cooking - up a pan of 'glutney' it is an interchangeable chutney recipe but this batch used a lot of courgettes and tomatoes from the greenhouse.

Working - on a video tutorial for Minerva using a Noodlehead Explorer tote bag pattern. One nice multi-functional bag.

 Sewing - a comfy Billie sweatshirt dress and a Carnaby Dress by Nina Lee ready for Autumn.

Enjoying - the last bit of the summer holidays in the studio with the girls before they went back to school. Happy times.

Visiting - the Shropshire hills for an evening 'chipnic'. It is like a picnic except we get fish and chips and then drive up the Stretton hills and eat them at the top.

Picking - winberries/billberries: what do you call them? On this chipnic we were on a special mission to find them.

Baking - winberry and peach pie. The peaches sort of soak up some of the berry juice and stop the pastry going soggy. An extra special seasonal dessert served with creme fraiche.

Growing - huge tomatoes. They are so strange looking but they taste delicious. It is a beefsteak variety called Ananas meaning there are not any watery pips, just sweet flesh.

Collecting - more veg from the plot. Things are slowing down a bit but still plenty to go in the greenhouse along with the autumn raspberries which are coming now and a late variety of strawberries if I can keep the birds off them.

Trying - to remember how to flower arrange and thoroughly enjoying myself. All picked from our garden.

Enjoying - a trip to a local quiet place: Acton Burnell castle.

Watching - the endless wonderful sunsets we have had over the last two weeks. Every night we have been treated to a big firey sun sphere which quickly dips below the Welsh black mountains.

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xx


  1. Wow superb sunsets never gets old. Never heard of winberries, are the sweet? I can only remember bilberries but not sure if they are the same thing. Great harvest and your flower arrangement looks lovely. Hope we can keep the sunshine and warm weather a little longer but your sweatshirt dresses look very good.

    1. They taste a bit sharper than a blueberry. x

  2. Chipnic!
    That is inspired! we do a similar thing, collect fish and chips and various sons and girlfriends and sit alongside a particularly picturesque canal in the Yorkshire Dales - I shall have to tell them it now has a new name 'Chipnic' - you have made my day!

    1. The last of summer's light nights are the perfect time for chipnics. Drops a bit cooler so I really seem to enjoy the chips more. We do it about 4 times a year - the onlt time I eat fish and chips.

  3. Gorgeous flower arrangements and I love the Carnaby dress. I haven't picked bilberries for ages, the soil isn't right for them on the hills around here, I think they like acid, but I do like a bit of foraging. Your veggies look brilliant, and well done on the tomato, they can be tricky beasts.

  4. Just wonderful, I especially like the picture of the girls together in the studio. I love to go brambling, my gran used to talk me every year and she made bramble pies and crumbles. This year I have already made a batch of bramble jam and also a crumble.

  5. Once again catching up. I love the word chipnic, we do that and drive to the port to watch the boats bobbing in the water and dream of sailing into the sunset. Love the makes, particularly the bag.

  6. I love all the harvest pictures it looks like you have had a super crop and that pie looks yummy. The late sun has been wonderful this last few weeks, typical as soon as we are back for a new term it appears! Have a lovely week. xx

  7. We have bilberries in this small corner. I can remember picking them with my mum and she did the same when she was a girl. Happy memories.
    Chipnics are making me feel hungry :)
    Have a fab week x