Monday, 19 July 2021

Hello lovely people. It has been end of term busy here with my little one leaving Primary School and my big girl hoping to be sent home from school to self-isolate! Her year group was the only one left by Friday so school closed early for the summer. She has home learning today. My post is a little later than normal but I had a few moments to share this weekend which I was waiting for...

Attending - my nephews wedding. It was such a hot day this weekend but we had such a wonderful time. The wedding was in an open sided barn to enable the wedding to take place. My girls and I are all handmade...of course. I ended up wearing an old favourite because I didn't fancy wearing my intended dress: a polyester, Audrey-Hepburn- Collared number with long sleeves on such a hot day. This cotton vintage one was just right.

Loving - watching the bride and her father with their band playing the opening music for the night. Soooo rock and roll. The female drummer, a bridesmaid, was the most sensational lead vocalist singing rock from her heart while thrashing out the drums. I sat next to my teary nephew as he cried through the opening song: proud as punch he was.

Making - hay while the sun shines. Andy left the wedding early to turn his hay and have a clear head for baling it the following morning. Our first cut at the The Croft.

Baking - a Guiness and gingerbread cake substituting the Guiness for this can of stout. It came in a beer box but neither of us liked the fudgy beer taste but you know me, I wasn't going to waste it so it went into this moreish cake.

Buying - the most stylish teapot. I have wanted a good teapot for loose leaf tea for ages and this one was a real treat. The perforated cylinder in the centre holds the tea.

Creating - some floral bedding displays for my father-in-law's tractor stand at a local show.

Cooling - ourselves down with a toe dip in a local ford one mile from our house. It is our favourite quiet spot for an evening walk. Our other new favourite place is our neighbour's pool for an evening dip.

Organising - my tomatoes, gherkins and cucamelons. They have become rampant and need constant care, water and tying.

Making - a pair of comfy stretch summer trousers called the Luna pants. It is an expensive pattern for one item of clothing but both Heidi and I have a pair now and I would like to make a viscose pair later in the year. Meg has her eye on them too but she hasn't hit the first size yet.

Working - on creating a video tutorial for making a belt.

Adding - to my visibly repaired jeans. I had been avoiding this area for ages. I mean how can you patch that area stylishly? It turns out you can't so I just went for it before an actual hole appeared making it more tricky. I will keep you in suspense with a photo because it is just too hot to put my jeans on!

Admiring - the view. It is of course an post therefore I hope you can join me in admiring the view. We can see right to the back of Long Mountain in Wales at this time of year.

Stay cool, stay safe and see you soon.
Jo xxx


  1. The wedding looked fabulous I hope they will be very happy. You all look like like you are enjoying the weather, I love the pictures of the farm land too. I am finding it so hot, It never used to bother me I love the sun but my lingering bad chest has taken the joy out of it. The belt is super I did see it over at Minerva and loved it, have a lovely week. x

  2. Lovely photo of you and your daughters Jo, one to treasure. Looking forward to the belt tutorial, such a useful thing to be able to make!

  3. What a wonderful time you have been having. The wedding sounded fabulous and how lovely to be able to actually go and be part of something so special again. x

  4. The wedding sounded wonderful, with lots of love, tears and laughter. Loved your outfits. I have tried a few vintage patterns but due to my age look very old fashioned not stylish at all so I stick to classics these days. The arrangements for the tractor look amazing. Have a great Summer break.

  5. What an amazing wedding! One to remember that is for sure. Your neighbours' pool looks really inviting, lovely to be able to cool down a bit after a hot day. The Luna pants are fun, I saw them on the Made by Rae website and wondered if they would look nice on me. They sure look good on you! It is a versatile pattern and I am sure you'll use it many times. I am sewing a viscose robe just now. Cutting out slippery viscose is not fun! But the beautiful drape is worth the effort. Have a lovely week xx

  6. What a perfectly English-summery post! I love that photo of you and your girls, you all look fab and as for the wedding band - wow! Absolutely brilliant. We all broke up on Wednesday but I was babysitting yesterday so we are celebrating the first day of the holidays today. Hooray for a break from the school routine! Take care. x

  7. Ah the panic of haymaking, I know that feeling well. At our Wedding the first words my brother said to me? 'Are these photos going to be long, I have to get back to milk the cows.' A paddle in the ford, just perfect for cooling down. CN x

  8. Lovely photo of you and your girls. What an awesome wedding, it will never be forgotten. Wow, what a pool to cool down in, it does look good. I always enjoy seeing your makes. Take care Cathy x

  9. Lovely ings to learn about and your new teapot inspires me to go make a cup of! :) xx