Friday, 9 July 2021

Happy Holidays

It has been a little quiet over here of late because we have been on holiday with all the preparation that entails. Our week in Aberdyfi in Wales was the most relaxing, well earned break. We missed our holiday to Switzerland last year and I decided way back in October, when I looked into my crystal ball, that we should book somewhere in the UK for a holiday. I kind of surmised that the whole of the UK holidaying population could not fit into the UK holiday destinations available in one summer season. I was right and in the end we went in school time because so many places were already booked up. 

Our other back up was to buy a camper van and an awning just in case we were able to get out for a few nights away later in the summer. We went in the van which was perfect as a modest wet suit changing cubicle, mobile coffee and sandwich shop and an all round mahoosive suitcase for taking fun things to do on holiday.

Holidays are a huge part of our family life. Bloke is a Key worker and so was I last year when I was teaching which has been very stressful so we just wanted to stop, take stock and look at ourselves for a moment. Big girl is thirteen and little one is 11, they still enjoy holidays with us but I know that won't last forever.

Anyway, less of the personal musings. We are all fit and healthy, happy and afloat so lets crack on with the photos!...

I know you will be disappointed to hear that that the photo of me in my wet suit was out of focus - that is my story and I am sticking to it. It was possible to get it on but the process was not pretty!

Little one and me spent a happy hour collecting and sorting stones.

Two van mugs were a very pleasurable purchase for someone who hyperventilates when spending any amount of money. I love them. 

There are bags and bags of shells...

There was a jellyfish sting from one of these compass jellyfish. Heidi informed me it was like lots of very hot nettle stings. For your information: you need to put the area in a hot bath, as hot as you can stand and it stops the pain which she said worked.

Crabbing was unsuccessful in terms of numbers caught but we just liked dangling the lines and watching fish eating all the bait - it seemed kinder somehow.

I may have over-egged the joy to be had at the Portmerion village to our children. Little one was so unimpressed for the first half an hour when she found out you couldn't just wander around inside people's houses and she was similarly unimpressed that looking at the view was actually the entertainment. Big girl loved it but she then she loves design, architecture and miniature things.

She warmed up a bit on a woodland walk and when we reached the centre of the village. It wasn't helped by my eternal optimism about the day's weather. I promised it would warm up, convinced her to wear sandals and her feet were cold. The again, so were mine but you don't go on holiday in Wales for the weather so I ate humble pie and apologised.

All in all the cooked breakfasts at the hotel just couldn't go on. It was time for a slow drive home. We had a fabulous holiday but we were all missing Beano our dog.

Thanks for dropping in. I will be calling in to see you folks this week. Jo xxxx


  1. It all sounds lovely Jo and you are right to enjoy taking the girls with you while they still want to come. Ours gained independence as soon as they were at uni and weren’t so keen then unless it was an overseas offer! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing your holiday. 🌸

  2. North Wales is my absolute favourite part of the world. We stay over the water from Portmeirion sometimes and I just love it there. A camper van sounds like an excellent idea, no doubt you will get plenty of use out of it. My youngest has just turned 13 and my eldest will be 18 in October, so I definitely know what you mean about family holidays not lasting forever. Fortunately the eldest loves birdwatching and photography, so he is quite happy to go off to new places, although he does like to go and do his own thing a bit more when we get there these days. Glad you had a lovely week, the rest and relaxation was very well deserved I think. CJ xx

  3. Looks like a wonderfully relaxing holiday, Jo. We've visited Wales twice and loved it both times.

  4. What gorgeous photos, I am glad you all had such a fabulous time. Portmeirion is beautiful, we went there when our boys were tiny and I would love to go again. We are off to Wales ourselves soon but we take our dogs away with us and I am pretty sure they are not allowed. Take care. x

  5. Love pebble works of art!
    We went to Port Merion for the first time in the May half term....that week of glorious weather! What a treat! Despite being full of tourists like ourselves we were surprised there was little queuing for ice cream, loos etc. The walks were spectacular and we wished we had more time there as we didn't do justice to the woodland/beach walk. Only disappointment was the seconds shop wasn't up and running...and I didn't fancy paying full whack for a pretty, practical souvenier of the day!

  6. It looks so gorgeous. I am amazed to see palm trees there, it strikes me as odd that they would be so far north, or am I getting my geography all wrong? I love the blue skies, beach photos and the thought that you were able to relax with your beautiful family.

    1. I know it is a surprise. The sheltered location means it has a little micro-climate with beautiful plants. x

  7. It looks like a wonderful part of the Country, so pretty. You are wise to make the most of those family holidays as they don't last forever. Although, these days we are blessed as they like to spend time with us now they have children of their own. A great plan getting a camper van.

  8. I am happy to read about your happy holiday! North Wales looks beautiful, maybe somewhere to visit one day. I know what you mean about enjoying the holidays with the girls while they last. We are down two children now and it is such a different holiday with only half of the children! Have a wonderful week xx

  9. Glad you had such a good time away in Wales. All those lovely beachy family activities that cost little and last as a precious memory, especially as the girls get older and start to want to do their own thing. Just what you all needed I'm sure xx

  10. Enjoyed my armchair vacation with you, Jo, and so glad you enjoyed the real thing despite having some cold family feet thanks to wearing sandals in cooler than expected weather. xx