Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Our Best Ice Cream recipes

 We have an ice cream maker and it has been making weekly batches of ice cream from May onwards. Here is a little round up of the best flavours we have tried.

Chocolate ice cream in June. With the last of the girls Easter Eggs. I know, they lasted that long!

Blackcurrant ripple ice cream in June. Using up the last of the fruit from last year out of the freezer before the next lot were ripe and ready to pick.

Strawberry and Rose. A flavour I thought the children would balk at but as long as the rose water is subtle it gives the strawberry flavour a real summer taste. This is a lazy recipe which uses ready made custard and is so quick. We picked 4.5 Kg of strawberries from our allotment this year.

Vanilla. The hens are not laying so we are out of eggs but I bought some specially for this. This ice cream uses four eggs with the whites whisked to volume and then the yolks and cream folded in gently but not in the machine. We are currently picking autumn raspberries and eating stewed plums.

Buying an ice cream maker was not a whim gadget purchase. It has been a great way to use up our freezer gluts of allotment fruit. Whatever I made with frozen fruit in the past, the children complained it was just soggy fruit. You can't blame them, it was true but ice cream is a great way to use it, taste it and enjoy it. Obviously we are racking up many more calories but hey ho. 

Do you make ice cream? Share your favourite flavour combinations.

Jo xxx


  1. YUM! I loooove ice cream. We made several kinds this summer. I was just thinking I should share one that I particularly enjoyed, maybe I'll do that soon. I especially love the look of the blackcurrant ripple, wow. I would love to try that. I don't think I can get fresh currants here, only dried. It reminds me of the raspberry swirl flavor that I used to love as a kid, which I haven't seen in years at the store. I hope they're still making it somewhere...

  2. No we don't, but looking at yours I could be converted. We are 30 miles away from the supermarket so could be a great option for when we have little visitors.

  3. How about making frozen yogurt? It's a bit healthier and still tastes delicious (well, the Waitrose own brand chocolate one does, so I would imagine home made is even better!)
    Best wishes

  4. Yummy! These look like scrumptious recipes x

  5. Those all look so yummy! Making a custard vanilla bean ice cream has been the favorite around here. My daughter has a contraption she put in the freezer. She took it out, poured chocolate almond milk in it and made delicious popsicles in ten minutes! I appreciated her efforts :) xx

  6. You put me to shame - we have a twice used ice cream maker sitting in the garage and a freezer full of fruit. I need to get my act together! X