Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bra Making with KWIK SEW 3594

It has been a heavy week here with too many things happening at once meaning I have only experienced teeny pockets of sewing time, however...

I have been meaning to make another bra for a while now but have been sidetracked with finding a knicker pattern. This bra is made from KWIK SEW 3594 I know what the modifications are for a good fit so the pattern is ready to cut and sew.

This fabric is a tricot fabric with a stretch. It came in a complete bra kit from an online company called The sewing chest. The website looks a bit odd but every product I have ever had from Kelly has been fantastic and delivered on time.

The kit came with floral tricot, power net for the side band, cup lining, bows, picot elastic, shoulder elastic, back fastening and the hardware parts - all for £10.05 which I thought was jolly good value.

I added my own band elastic because I know this one is comfortable and I also underwired it with my own chanelling and some wires recycled from an old bra. 

I have all the machine settings written in my little notebook for the three step zig zag and stretch stitches required. Luckily, I did this when I made my first one.

I squeezed out a pair of matching undies too using up some knicker elastic from my stash. I am really pleased with the whole set.

I hope to delve into my underwear craft box and make up some more kits from my own stuff because I am hoarding quite a lot of supplies which people have either given me or I have recycled - see?

So more sewing to come I think. I do have another pattern to try but I haven't got the sizing right on it yet. It includes a lace edge trim because there is always something new to learn in sewing.

Jo xx


  1. I wish I had noted down those stitches! I got sidetracked with something else but hope to make another bra soon. Love yours, it looks like a springtime happy bra. Good idea to recycle bits and bobs from other bras! x

  2. What a beautiful set, love the wonderful lace panel on the knickers.

  3. Love the colour combination of those undies, very pretty.

  4. Oooo that's really pretty. Those colours really pop

  5. Well done Jo. It is so pretty.

  6. Well done! Your new bra looks amazing. Such a lovely colour palette.
    I have never considered making my own underwear yet as it looks like you need to find / buy lots of small components.

    1. Kits are the best way forward or salvaging bits from old ones. Good elastic is the key.

  7. Lovely set and you have quite a hoard of undies supplies now! That kit wasn't badly priced either I will have a look. x

  8. Jo, I believe you are the first perso ever that I've run across that has made under garments. It might be a kit, but you did an excellent job getting it all together.

  9. I love your organization for the project, including your notes in a notebook...brilliant, and the set is lovely! xx

  10. Amazing! That's the second hand made bra I've seen on a blog recently and I think it's such a good idea, especially if you're a tricky size. It's really lovely - and matching undies too! You're good. X