Sunday, 18 June 2017

Wonderful Weekend

We have had a wonderful packed weekend. Sheep, camp out, den building, wild food, sunshine, a festival, dancing and relaxing.

On Friday we went straight up to the cabin to meet a guy to shear the hebridian sheep. Bloke caught them, Ben sheared them and I wrapped the fleece. It was hot. 

I sloped off and got a meal together in the cabin and we settled down to our usual evening cabin activities: eat, clear up, watch the fire, chat, go on the rope swing and crochet (thats's just me obviously!)

In the morning I crocheted some more sat in the field listening to radio 4 while the girls continued to work on their den building. Our dog was enjoying his first time off the lead at the farm. He did not disturb the sheep, he was just curious.

Big Sis picked elderflowers for making cordial

For someone who has made most things in life including jam, wine and faggots, it seems strange that I have never made Elderflower cordial. It was very easy to make.

At night our town had its annual music festival. We met friends, went to the fair on the waltzers, drank beer, watched fireworks and danced to a fantastic Oasis tribute band called Definitely Might Be.

On Sunday we returned to the festival where Big Sis was dancing with her class mates.

Sunday afternoon was definitely a time for relaxing in our deckchairs in the garden playing cards. This is how Little M holds her cards, in a bulldog clip, it works really well if you have little ones.

What a weekend! 
Hope you had a good weekend too. 
Jo xxxxx


  1. A perfect weekend! Glad your puppy is not chasing the sheep. Our dog has to be on lead when there is a sheep nearby. We have done nothing exiting this weekend, apart from surviving the school summer party on Friday night. I am an organiser and it tends to be a long day. x

  2. Looks glorious, what a fab weekend.
    The bulldog clip for cards idea is genius. My poor kids used to really struggle, now I feel terrible that I never thought of this! We play a lot of card games on holiday, lots of chase the ace, pontoon and whist (and seemingly endless Go fish when they were little!)

    1. Chase the ace or donkey, in this case, are our current favourites.

  3. Sounds idyllic. Our dog has been let of the lead recently too, although he was always good before the move they are everywhere here even in the garden. Like yours he is not bothered at all by them. Love the tip about the bulldog clip, I must remember that when the Grandchildren visit. Send some warmer weather my way.

  4. It sounds so nice, Jo. Your girls look very happy. They're getting really big. I loved seeing the sheep-shearing. My husband's family raised sheep and he grew up shearing sheep regularly. It sounds like such hard work. I'm glad you enjoyed a nice summer weekend.

  5. Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing, Jo. Also the card holding clip is a great idea...thanks! xx

  6. Wonderful. That's how summer weekends should be, filled with warmth and family time and no agenda.