Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Happy Colours Blanket Hooray!

I rarely stick to a pattern; that would require me to purchase the correct materials. So this project was inspired by The Happy Colours Blanket from the book Boho Crochet by Marinke Slump.

 I made 24 squares and could see that I was going to run out of white. Not wishing to purchase another ball I decided to make some solid colour ones to use up the yarn I did have. It was a no brainer for me, I am flexible, not a perfectionist.

I think it just makes it happier!

Some of you have asked how the pattern and crochet is so neat in these motifs. You have good reason to ask you observant crafters because I use a technique called a standing treble. I have adapted a photo to show you why I do it and indeed why you should learn it if you are a crocheter.

The black arrow indicates the chain 3 which is used to start the first round. When I inspected the picture I could see it there all skinny and long. I could also count the 11 trebles in the rest of the first round which all look the same as each other and are a little fatter.

Now, if every time I start a new colour in that same place with three chains I would end up with a skinny line of chains which don't quite bulk out as much as trebles. This is where the standing treble comes in. So after the blue round I cast off. Then joined the green in a new place using a standing treble which you can learn here on a blog called Moogly. The tutorial is in photos or as a mini video. It is also shown for left handers.

The green arrow shows it, it was harder to find for various reasons. a) it is a bit fatter and b) you can join in anywhere. This avoids an obvious line where the colour is always joined. Green is then cast off at the end of the round.

The red arrow shows where the red was joined but this was hard to find as well.etc. etc. In fact I could not see which was the first stitch in the white round so I left it unmarked because I think you get the gist now of what I am trying to show you. Suffice to say that if I can't find it and you can't see it, it must be a great technique.

Try it. It works on granny squares or any place you need to change colour. It is a technique you will be glad you took an hour or so to learn.

I used a bamboo hook from DMC to make this and it was surprisingly good. Lightweight and snag free on these stylecraft yarn scraps. These are the ones I did not use - maybe another project for those..

The border is made using a row of double crochet in white, trebles in green, double crochet in mustard, trebles in blue and finally that blanket border favourite of mine - crab stitch creating the fine rope border.

Baby Blanket all done ready for my friend in December and I will also put it in our local craft show in September.

It is, what it says it is - A Happy Colours Blanket.

Jo x


  1. It's gorgeous, Jo! The colors are indeed very happy and it's such a sweet blanket for a baby. I think the standing stitch is very clever and it makes a big difference in the way motifs like that look. You did a great job and this will be very appreciated.

  2. I really love this! Great idea to combine the single colour squares with the circle ones. Good for practical reasons - meant you didn't need to buy more white, quicker to make I imagine, and fewer ends to sew in! But also good for aesthetic reasons - it really looks ever so cheerful and happy! It all works so well together. I also love the crab stitch for a final round, it finishes a blanket off so nicely. And I always use the standing crochet stitch too - it makes such a difference. Great blanket - there will be a very happy recipient, I'm sure!

  3. So beautiful, I've not made a baby blanket since my cousins baby was born and he's 2 now! My fingers are itching to make another.
    I pinned a tutorial for the standing treble but I don't think I've ever actually taken the trouble to do it. I can see that it makes a much neater finish, thanks for the reminder.

  4. You are lucky to be a free spirit! I would have rushed out and bought more white and then of course miss out on the cool accidental design you achieved by not rushing out! Love a cheerful blanket, colours always make me happy. x

  5. I am a fan of the crab stitch, one of my favourites for giving such a neat and tidy finish. Love your blanket, such a beautiful colour combination that immediately makes you smile. Great work, I am sure it will win a few prizes.

  6. Lovely blanket, you are so right such happy colours. Maybe a little girl will feel happy looking at this.

  7. I love the crab stitch. I discovered it on a hat pattern at Christmas and have used it for the edge of a baby blanket which I crocheted for a work colleague (I forgot to take a photo before handing it over). Love the blanket Jo xxxxxx

    1. Shame, I wanted to see that ripple blanket, it looked so squishy. x

  8. Happy colours indeed! It looks fab, and actually I think the solid colour squares mixed in make for a much better design so well done you! I've never used a standing treble (or anything else for that matter), I really must learn!

  9. Your happy blanket is so lovely and cheerful :) Great job!! I have been using standing DCs and trebles since I found on the moogly blog, it does make the work neat.

  10. Well done Jo, the blanket is beautiful, very fun and bright. I have not heard of the standing treble or DC, I have used a different join but it is not as nice looking. I will have to try this, thanks for the link.

  11. Bravo! I am fascinated again with how you adjust your pattern to make excellent use of your materials at hand, Jo. Thanks for taking the time to point out the neat join and giving us a link to learn how to do it. xx