Thursday, 13 October 2016

Vintage Pattern Collection

I have quite a collection of vintage patterns now. I thought I would give you a sneak peek through some of my favourites and why they are so.

My two new favourites are these oversized pattern packets I saw in a junk shop in a traffic jam. I went back three days later and bought them for £3 each. I like them because they are both a 36" bust as well as having a huge selection of shift dress options which is the style I like to wear the most so there is a high chance I will make at least one of these.

They live in my craft cupboard and are sorted into ones I would wear and ones I like to look at all in little slide top bags for protection.

These three are just eye candy because a gathered waist in the 1950's style is not a good look for me. I have tried before and with such a short body the gathers just seem to burst out from just below my bust making me look like a pantomime dame!

This is on my wish list to make. It is a 34" bust so I will have to make a toile and make some adjustments. Big job. Not quite ready for this one yet.

These are the 1960's styles I prefer. I have made Butterick 3598 as a dress with a crochet collar and also as a pattern hack top with a peter pan collar. I have also made Simplicity 7193 in both short and long sleeved versions - both very wearable for work and firm favourites.

Love, Love, Love these two patterns. I have used them a lot. I made the Butterick 3217 long sleeved blouse in navy and white spotted crepe and many variations from Simplicity 7642. I grab this pattern to use up leftovers from other projects. In fact there is a toile in the bag in spotty fabric to check if I have changed shape or size which I can refer to when I pick it up. That sleeveless floral version is so useful for small amounts of fabric.

I have two skirt patterns, I don't need anymore. I favour an above the knee style and these have all bases covered.I have made three Simplicity 7725 short skirts since I bought the pattern. I have made the circle skirt from the Butterick pattern but the verdict is still out on that one.

Not used either of these yet. I had the itchy-stitch to make a new evening dress in September but cried off and wore one I already had to a charity ball we attend every year. Maybe next year.

I only have two children's patterns but view B from this one is a favourite. I think a blue chambray one of those would be cute beyond words worn with leggings and boots.

So there you are. I am a collector but a picky one. I try to buy ones I would actually use in the right size. I pick patterns by style but they are nearly always strangely from between 1965 - 1969, must be my thing.

Which was your favourite? 
they bring back any memories of the 1960's for you? 

Jo xxx


  1. You have some lovely ones. Especially the coat/jacket and the two tops. I only have one for a skirt and I don't yet know where to start grading up. All in good time. Thanks for sharing these little gems K xXx

  2. Jo they are superb and I have to say that I am amazed that i too have nearly every one of those!
    best ashley xx

  3. I love the coat and jacket pattern especially the checked one. Not overly keen on the back view though.

  4. They are fantastic I love them all as you know I also collect vintage patterns so it was lovely to get a glimpse of some of yours. I don't actually use them mine are all eye candy so I do admire you for making some of yours. My favourite would have to be photo 3 the ball gown, stunning. Just lovely to think of a bygone era.

  5. Beautiful collection! Happy Thursday ♥

  6. Blast from the past. Lovely illustrations too. Incidently the footwear on the coat pattern , view 1 and 2....I had similar boots and shoes ( about 1966 ) Now they are vintage,, just like me ! I am 67 andd I think we really it all in the sixty's. We just didn't know it. Ha ha.

  7. I like the 60s ones. I have a few for eye-candy too! I tend to make up the few I have from the seventies something about them is appealing to me.

  8. Lovely dress patterns xxx such a talented inspiring lady xxx

  9. I am so stunned by the realization that I have lived long enough to be "vintage" I can scarcely pick a favorite pattern...but the last is very sweet. xx

  10. Very fun vintage patterns Jo, I love how effortless those lovely ladies look in those dresses.

  11. Wow, the one on the right in your top photo I had once too, I'm not sure where it's gone now I should have a tidy up.
    It was the pattern for the bridesmaids dresses at my Mum and Dad's wedding!

    1. The red one in that picture is on my mind for next year for an event we are going to. It is a beautiful pattern. Jo x

  12. What a lovely collection. Back in a time when everyone looked a lady. x