Monday, 11 July 2016

Fabric Scraps - Out of Control Again

I make a quilt and I think that will get rid of all of my scraps and then I realise I have managed to fill up the boxes again. When I questioned this, bloke replied without looking up, " but you keep making more stuff so you will keep getting more scraps!" He is so right that astute, handsome bloke. 

As with all my quilts to date I simply started cutting, no plan, no colour musings just getting rid of clutter seems to be the main criteria for my quilting. I love the feeling of not wasting a single scrap of fabric and of being completely at the mercy of my own creative mind.

Firstly I was optimistic about quantity, I always am, then I got a bit bored cutting and ran out of sizable scraps my template would fit on. I accidentally ordered some charm packs to mix in from prettiful fabrics. It goes completely against my reasons for making a quilt(patchwork is to use up scraps in my world)but I was caught in a weak moment. They are a bit traditional but so reasonably priced 10 x 5" inch squares were only £1.40. I have never used this company before but I was mighty pleased with my parcel.

I'll keep you posted, but I have been heavily influenced by Christina from A colourful life by which I mean I am totally stealing her quilt idea!

I had a few minutes here and there when I just wanted to sew in straight lines without fitting a bottom or a bust shape... I washi taped it to the wall and am pleased with the results so far apart from the yellow corner.

Love Jo x


  1. Looks good but what about all the little balls of yarn?

  2. Still going on the baby blanket, ready for the mustard yarn now. Can't wait!

  3. I love this! The fabrics are all very pretty but they look amazing arranged that way. I can't to see more!

  4. My fingers are itching to make a new quilt, seeing your fabulous squares. You could replace the yellow corner with a more mellow yellow, or with darker reds? If you are not in a rush, I can check my stash for something just right (just getting ready for a camping trip tomorrow morning). Thanks for the mention, you are too kind. Enjoy the stitching! I am in full knitting mode and have started a crochet blanket... better for camping! xx

    1. It is a slow burner Christina so have a look. Happy camping! Jo x

  5. Now that really does look good, pretty fabrics. I love how you have taped them to the wall I tend to lie them out on the floor.

  6. yes, I agree...the yellow corner draws the eye. Maybe blues or greens ,like in the opposite corner. Good idea to put them where you can stand back and have a good look .

  7. The new material you ordered is very pretty! Several of my quilting friends are keen on putting their squares in a bag and randomly drawing out a square and attaching it as they go. I would rather plot and check a bit more as you are doing :) xx

  8. I like looking at piles of fabric and yarn. They hold such promise of things to come.

  9. Hello love, I can hear bloke's voice saying that! In my humble opinion I think you should ditch the yellow altogether and make more of the green/blue corner. And I am also making a baby blanket and I have just got to the mustard, we must be synchro-crafting x

  10. That was Mary by the way. I have issues with comments, I was just made to select multiple images of trees and house numbers to prove I am not a robot. I will leave it to you to decide if I am a robot xx

  11. Hi Jo,

    I love how the squares all come together, it's like making order of chaos! And the fabrics are so pretty! :)

    Have a nice week!
    Ingrid xx

  12. It's the same with me and yarn I'm constantly stash busing then finding I need to order the perfect extra pop of colour that always ends up in more stash . I'm so pleased someone has a great hubby , mine doesn't understand me at all , hehe . You quilt will be gorgeous . Hope you are well . Have a lovely day

  13. Christina's quilt is amazing and your new one will be too. I think you needed to treat yourself to a wee bit more fabric.