Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hooray! 8 Pointed Star Quilt

Hooray! my single bed quilt is finished and looks a riot of colour in today's sunshine. The stars are hand stitched paper pieced with squares in each corner to make a block. Each block is then machine stitched with a solid border to make a larger block.

I made a scrappy border of different sizes rectangles which follow a line of colour tones to make the bed size. The backing is a red single bed sheet and is hand quilted by stitching every other diamond, along with two rows of straight hand stitches around the border.

Finally, all that needed finishing last week was for it to be edged with 30mm bias binding which I machine sewed to attach the top and then hand sewed to turn it over on the back. It has been finished to the binding point for months now but has only taken me 5 months in total. It is for my friends daughter to take to university and I sewed every stitch of it with love for her.

Scraps                         0.00
Red Cotton bed sheet           7.99
Dream Green queen wadding     17.50 (enough for another one)
2 packs of solid fat quarters 14.00 (4 left)
30mm Bias binding 10mm         9.00 (4m left)
Custom cut paper pieces       18.00 (50 unused left)
TOTAL                         66.49

Making a quilt isn't cheap even if you do use scraps but it will be her 18th Birthday in June and this is supposed to signify the end of present giving from me to her in a final flurry of goodness.

The biggest error I made was to cut the fabric pieces out first using a clover plastic template that someone gave me and then found I could not get paper pieces to fit so that is how I came upon Lina Patchwork and her custom cut papers. I still have enough wadding and papers to make another one so I can still spread the cost.

I hope you like it. Now there is a further narrative to this story, she has two more sisters, one of which is my god-daughter so I better start planning another one!

Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. Jo it looks fabulous well done. All that hard work paid off. I simply love all the colours and the scrappy edge it pulls everything together. I'm sure she'll love it. I was talking about your quilt making to a blog friend the other day and she says she'll pop across and have a look. Hey presto no need to look through the blogs to find it there it is. Jackie

  2. What a lovely quilt to take to uni.

  3. That might be the best 18th birthday/ going away to college present ever. She is going to feel the love you put into it every time she sees it. IT is beautiful, thoughtful and perfect for college. An heirloom she can keep forever. Well done Jo,

  4. Had to come back for another look - it is inspirational.

    1. That has made me smile - thank you ;)

  5. Oh that has turned out really well. It's beautiful Jo. A very fitting final gift xxxxxxx

  6. It's beautiful, I'm sure she will be thrilled with it...something to treasure for ever.

  7. What a lovely gift, so thoughtful and heartfelt. Really admire the amount of work that's gone into this. Well done.

  8. Wow! It's amazing! What a lucky girl!

  9. this might be the best 18th birthday present ever!

  10. Wow, five months!, that's some going. I love it and I'm sure she will too. Something to treasure forever. Well done.

  11. The quilt is just superb Jo! I have not costed my recent quilt but I think you are spot on, it is not a cheap gift, particularly once you consider all the hours that go into making it. I have got two years to make a leaving home quilt for my oldest.... x

  12. The perfect gift, a gift made with love it doesn't get any better than that. Unfortunately all crafting projects are not cheap anymore. The days when hand/home made items were cheaper are long gone, but worth every penny a heirloom made.

  13. Jo, it's just beautiful and it was made with love. It's disappointing that crafting has become so expensive. I say this all the time; I'd be making more of my kids' clothes (well, my daughter's anyway, I don't think there is a lot I can make for a big boy), but the materials are expensive. Even the patterns are pricey and I never find nice ones in the thrift stores. But anyway, your quilt is beautiful and it will be much appreciated, I am sure. Nice work.

  14. It is fabulous!!!! It is beautiful and it is a wonderful "sending off into the world" gift and a great way to end your gift giving for birthdays. Very thoughtful, very beautiful and it will be treasured by the recipient forever I am sure!!

  15. I love your quilt, it's so colourful and happy-looking!

  16. It is a fabulous gift, Jo,...every stitch of it! I admire your work, a beautiful expression of your love xxxxxx

  17. I love that, it is so bright and cheery. Great job! xx

  18. Wow, lovely quilt Jo.

    Sewing definitely isn't cheap! The main thing is that you enjoyed stitching it! I hope she loves her quilt, and especially snuggling under it while she is away from home!

    Well done!

    Barbara xx

  19. Oh my goodness, it's AMAZING. I love it. What a thing to take away with you to uni, full of home and love and colour, and things which will make a person smile and bring comfort. It's really, really lovely. x