Thursday, 5 May 2016

1956 Vintage Shorts

I had some dotty chambray left over and really didn't need another skirt but I do need shorts for our holiday. I have shorts in my summer drawer from pre-children and post-children but none of them fit me now for various reasons which I won't bore you with.

I decided to have a go at this pattern but make them a little longer, just a touch. You can keep the bralette and the topper. I like the pattern image styling on a fantasy level but in reality I needed shorts with darts in which I could mess around with to get a good fit so this was the one to use.

I could have made them a bit more snug on the back but I am a mover not a sunbather so these felt good.

The zip was at the back seam but who wants to sit on a zip to drink wine? I moved it to the side and this was a good modification.

They will look good with my replica blouse when I can be bothered to change into a white bra! There is nothing like a forty-something-mum pair of shorts to make me happy these days. One more item for the suitcase.

Thanks for looking. Are you making for Summer?


  1. Good Morning Jo, Your shorts are perfect and they fit you beautifully. I agree a zip in the side of the shorts is much better than a back zip... as you say, much more comfortable.
    I have to tell you, I love what you did to the stool your bought at the antique shop, not only have you recovered it, but your have restored it to its former glory... I love your choice of material.
    .... and the beret. I am a beret girl.... well that's stretching it a bit, I am a beret wearing senior citizen and I love the colours you chose for your friends beret. I just know she loved it. Thank you for letting us know about the pattern being available on Ravelry.... I am going to check it out now.
    Best wishes

  2. well done and well said! but I have to add a matching topper would be tres chic!!
    ash x

  3. They look amazing, I have the same pattern but I wouldn't look as good.

  4. Fantastic Jo!!! They look great on you! I agree about giving the top a miss!

  5. I'm really surprised that the pattern designer wanted you to have a zip down your bum!?!? I think this was a vital moderation. Heaven knows what they would have looked like with one of my dodgy zips adding even more 'bulk' to my bulges! Great shorts Jo.

  6. Well made, Jo! If that pattern was published in 1956 and is considered "vintage" and I was born in 1951 does that mean I am vintage :) ...a thought for me to ponder... I haven't made any clothing for summer, but I did just crochet a glass cozy for the 16oz ceramic glass I purchased to try to reduce my use of plastic and paper cups in all seasons. xx

  7. These shorts are beautiful and they fit you perfectly. I don't really like wearing shorts, I prefer skirts in summer but these ones I would definitely wear, as well. Viola

  8. They fit you perfectly, well done Jo!