Monday, 7 April 2014

In the beginning...

In the beginning (of 2014) we dreamed of a place where we could hide out. A place to play. A den for our family. In a location which connected me to my family roots. A place where we could nearly fill the gap of country understanding for our town dwelling girls. Yesterday we went to see how our friend had got on with the foundations....

This is where the cabin will be. The farm is on a hill so we needed to get a friend with a digger to level a piece out for us. Dad had some sheep arrive from a neighbour in the field this week.

It looked bigger than we expected it to. 
The girls did some of this...

I saw some of these...

and big colonies of these...

Big Sis spotted this in the natural water spring...

Little M said "let me see the frogs-born" and we told her how to say it ...

we ducked and dived through lots of this...

we listened to this one bleating for it's mother...

we peeped through the hawthorn blossom to see the view...

At the top of the field I tried to explain to Big Sis that the lamb would find it's mother, but she didn't want to walk away, I could tell, the bleating was pulling at her heart strings. I walked away back to the yard.

Then after five minutes she wondered back to check the numbers written on their fleeces, she asked her dad to pick up the lamb and pair her back up. She was happy to leave then. She can come and play, explore and learn stuff another day.

Easter weekend we are putting up our cabin, rain or shine. 
Sooooo excited. Jo xxxx


  1. Wow, how exciting! Looking forward to seeing the cabin. What a wonderful place...

  2. Wow, how lucky you are. Hope you have many wonderful times in your cabin.

  3. How very awesome and exciting new beginnings xxxx

  4. A lovely post, thank you! It reminded me of how we used to take our kids into the Australian bush and let them discover the land.

  5. How wonderful a cabin will be...and in such a pretty spot too! :)

  6. Lovely countryside for your cabin. Soon you'll be able to have a town and country life - the best of both worlds for you all, with all your lovely creative makes to make your cabin nice and homely. Liz x

  7. This is so exciting, Jo. I wish you all the best with this project and many good years in your cabin.

  8. The outlook is going to be so beautiful, as well as the setting for the cabin itself!! I bet that you are so excited about getting started. What a wonderful place to spend some time as a family! xx

  9. Oh Jo!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy for your family! This post made me cry tears of joy! Man do I wish we had something like this for all of those reasons! What a blessing and I can not wait to see this progress! That last shot says it all friend! BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful week to you! Nicole xo

  10. Awwwwwwww, this looks like a beautiful spot and I can't wait to see your cabin. It will bring treasured memories for your family I'm sure.
    Love those flowers :0)
    Jacquie x

  11. So exciting looking forward to seeing it go up, such a lovely spot too
    Clare x

  12. A new cabin; what an exciting time for your family! You live in an absolutely stunning, beautiful location :)

  13. How exciting! It's going to be fabulous, and what a magical thing to be doing for your girls. Just think of the memories they will make there. x

  14. Very, very exciting. How fun for everyone.

  15. I'm excited for all of you. How wonderful.
    S xx

  16. I am feeling so happy for you, Jo, that this is finally happening - I hope the weather is considerate and doesn't put a dampener on the build! Your 'Big Sis' has such a tender heart - I would have been bleating with the poor little lamb too and could never be a farmer cause I'd want to keep all the animals! Beautiful pics you've shared with us, thank you! Love, Joy xo

  17. Oh I want to frame the photos of the lamb and your lamb with the flock! Precious! xx