Monday, 21 April 2014

Hooray! hat and scarf

Anyway, let's get back to the yarn...I have done quite a bit of seasonal swapping over this Easter Holiday. Boots away, shoes and sandals out. Hats and gloves away, sunglasses and sunhats out. Dark winter colours and fabrics away, bright and light ones out. I like to store our unseasonal things under beds and in the loft so that I don't have to manage too many things at once.

As I sorted the hat/shoe basket I made up sets of hats, scarves and gloves for each family member that would be fine for next year and culled stretched, bobbly, unwashable ones to make way for new crochet and knit projects.

I made a hat for Big Sis to go with her Millamia fingerless gloves and a twirly scarf for me to wear in the Autumn. The yarn is King Cole Riot Chunky and I bought two balls for £2 at a craft fair - Bargain!

All packed away and ready for a surprise in the Autumn.

Have you been doing seasonal things? Jo xx


  1. Hello Lovely Jo, yes I have started to put gloves and stuff away, although the other day when I was out all day I was freezing and wished I hadn't! Your scarf and hat look gorgeous, hats are something I have never been able to master, I can knit baby bonnets and helmets but hats like yours are beyond me. I love them and wish I could but they always seem to be too small when I do them - I am obviously going wrong somewhere. I need to come to your classes Jo. Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday, warm hugs and loves

  2. I started the swap last week myself. It's always fun to switch things getting a new wardrobe! Your pink scarf and your daughter's hat are both beautiful...and your cabin is looking just wonderful! xo

  3. Hi Jo, I took my vest off one day last week (but I have put it back on again ;0) Far too chilly.
    I don't seem to be able to crochet anything that requires following a written pattern. I can do the stitches ok but I take one look at a pattern and my mind regards it as a foreign language ;0)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. I started to swap things over last week and then it was so cold at the end of the week I had to unpack things again. I think I will leave it another couple of weeks and try again.

  5. Jo your so organised, love the twirly scarf
    Clare x

  6. What a pretty set for her to wear. I need to get rid of old hats and gloves that don't fit; I've got a whole box full in the closet.

  7. Well done you, you are so organized! Could you maybe come over and sort my seasonal wardrobe out too? ;-)

  8. seriously never cease to amaze me! If I can find the match to the other glove I feel I may be on track!!! HA! Can you please come here and help me! Happy week to you! What a beautiful set!!! Nicole xoxo

  9. What a great idea, Jo! I always need encouragement for organizing :) I am not quite ready to pack gloves and hats away...I even took a set with me to CA because the beach can be pretty chilly still. The weather forecast is for snow in the mountains this week around us but thankfully the only flurries around our home are white blossoms from the huge wild cherry tree! xx

  10. We never seem to have a need for a deliberate swap at season change times over here - a lot of layering goes on, we don't usually have freezing cold weather, and just wear less in summer - but I do like the idea of hiding clothes away then bringing them out as lovely surprises again! And I do like your hat and twirly scarf Jo, well done! Love, Joy xo