Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Winter Bedtime

We are not a PJ wearing family. We don't wear them in the daytime for relaxing purposes. You have to be pretty ill in this house to not get dressed. It really is just too darn cold at Three Stories not to be wearing a few layers. Big Sis requested long sleeved pyjamas to keep her warm in bed for the coming season.

She chose the fabric from Abakhans on our first trip to the store when it opened. It came to the grand total of £4:70. I guessed it would make a long sleeved set. I did however add some navy jersey leftovers to the length of the body and the sleeves to give it some longevity in both physical and chronological terms.

I chose a couple of tried and tested patterns that I already had cut out: a long sleeved T and a pair of leggings. They were ideal as she had requested slim fitting trousers that didn't ride up her legs under a duvet.

The cuffs are currently turned back but will enable her to take them down as her arms grow. They are made on the overlocker mainly where the whole set took about an hour and a half to sew. (cutting not included)

I tried to make the neck a little slacker than usual for comfort but I think I may have gone a bit too far but she says it is fine. Lucky me, unpicking three stitch zig-zag is a nightmare. I know I have done it before!

Secondly I made a set for myself. This fabric was a five pound wonder piece from Abakhans too in a really pretty pointelle fabric. Unlike my girl, I couldn't squeeze out a long sleeved T so I went for my 'go to' pattern NewLook 6217 and used the top from that.

I made the bottoms by drawing around my best fitting PJ trousers allowing for a front and back crotch when cutting.
The old ones are five years old now and flapping up around my ankles so it was time for a change.

We are both very cosy having treated ourselves to dressing in our nightwear at 6:30pm whilst taking silly photos in front of the camera. Thanks little one for the photos...Such fun!

Happy Crafting. Jo xxxx


  1. They look great. In my opinion, you can't beat a pair of cosy pyjamas at this time of year. Love the last few photographs. X

  2. Brilliant job two pairs of great pyjamas for the big girls and superb photos from little sis. Well done girls.

  3. Top job, Jo, they are fab! Lovely pics of you two. x

  4. Oh Jo there is nothing better than getting home on a cold winter night jumping in the shower to warm yourself back up and snuggling into your PJ's. I do try and hold off until after the evening meal but sometimes its just too tempting.


  5. We all love pyjama days here (except Richard). The photos of you two on the sofa are so much fun, you look happy. I have lost my clothes sewing mojo but I do really enjoy seeing all your makes both for yourself and the girls. Lovely pjs, both sets. xx

  6. Successfully constructed sleepwear, Jo...very clever addition of the jersey. Thanks for sharing! xx

  7. Lovely pjs Jo...you are very clever. Great photos too and these times will be special memories XXX

  8. They are gorgeous and would have cost a packet in the shops so well done. Good idea with the cuffs and hem, it's always good to add a bit extra to children's clothes. x

  9. Can I just say that you two are adorable?