Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Knitting Quick Things All done #24

I am all about making the quick things this month which I have really enjoyed. Little gifts for the people who I know appreciate them but also have a little wry smile when they open a handmade item from me. So here goes with some pattern sharing thrown in for good measure...

A yarn purchase meant I could make this chunky cowl in a couple of evenings for a good friend. This pattern is on the right left side of my tool bar. It is worked flat and joined. It used two balls of Stylecraft Swift knit tweed in super chunky on a 10 mm hook. You can try other yarn gauges or hook sizes by checking out the pattern. Every last bit of yarn used up. What a great feeling!

This didn't take forever, it was completed in two nights; a hat for my friend's boy. I noticed last year when we were sledging that he was still wearing the crochet one I made for him when he was 10, he is now 14! The pattern is on ravelry here. It is a fantastic introduction to trying cables as they are only on every 7th row so they appear as waves. I used up a load of chunky ball ends until there was just enough left for a good pom pom. All done.

I made this ear warmer in an evening. No pattern I just chained until it fit around my head loosely then did a row of UK double crochet and then UK trebles alternately until it looked big enough. It is joined together under the other piece of crochet which I sewed on at the end.

 This is a DK yarn run with two strands on a 6mm hook. My friend has curly hair so she hates hats but had mentioned that she would love a headband. All Done my friend!

One evenings crochet turned out a crochet hat for my godson who is 9 months old using this free pattern here. Lots of cotton stash all gone.

Finally, after having the doors fitted in our hew house we are now charged with looking after another set of keys. I knitted this little replica of our house with sock scraps for Andy to use as a key ring. I have hung it from his wrapped present.

With so much stash in the house along with craft books and the internet for inspiration it was really rewarding to choose and make over and over again!

Thanks for dropping by? Are you making very quickly at the moment?Anything last minute? 
Jo xxxxx


  1. Great blog lots of finished gifts you have been very busy.

  2. These are all wonderful! You're so fast with these projects. I love the yarn in the cowl at the top, I will have to see about getting some of that yarn for myself. Have to finish a bunch of other yarn first, but I'm starting to think ahead to that blessed day. :)

    1. Look it up Jen, it is really soft and cosy. The cowl used two balls.

  3. Now my fingers are itching to follow your lovely practical industry and stitch...something...anything!!! :) xx

  4. Lovely stash busting and great gifts, I love the personal labels you make too. I am looking forward to time off to get some making done, I also have a project for a colleague to get on with over Christmas. x

  5. Thanks for the pattern, Jo. I have made this hat from stash in 2 evenings. Grey brim, lavender and a white top.Just deciding wether to make a pom pom or use a knitted covered button on top. Its such a good fit! Going to make the headband too. Have a lovely Christmas time. From Carol. X

  6. Made a little i- cord instead for the top of my hat(, in white. ) Not as heavy as a pom pom. Very pleased. Cute.

  7. My stash busting is non existing... but I love to see what you do with your stash. I am finishing a crochet shawl for my mum. It is blocking now but I need to sew three tassels on. This was the only homemade present I managed this year :-(
    Love to you and yours. xx

  8. I love your projects JO, nothing last minute for me. I still have to wrap, and I am not a good wrapper nor do I enjoy it, but this weekend it needs to get done. Sending you a hug.

  9. Fab projects Jo, and how very satisfying to bust your stash. I am knitting a tiny pair of festive socks for my grandson and I had to learn how to wrap and turn for the heel so the first one took a while (thank goodness for YouTube) but I'm hoping I can dash the second one off tomorrow so that they can go in his family's Christmas Eve box. x

  10. Love all your stash busting Jo. A lovely feeling when you finish something. Cathy x

  11. Love love love your stashbusting, do you find no matter how much you use the other bits just expand to fill the space though, or is that just me?! I made a whole blanket last year and my yarn scrappy bits box is still full to busting!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours x

  12. You put my handmade efforts to shame! I love the chunky cowl - any pattern that uses up every last scrap of yarn and looks that good gets my vote.