Saturday, 15 December 2018

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Making - A pom Pom wreath at a craft group I run. It always surprises me how much fun people have making them.

Baking - A Bakewell tart without a marzipan taste (YUK!) Our family tart has lemon sponge and lemon curd.

Buying - The last few Christmas presents. 

Building - Our new house which now has walls, floors and windows as well as s bifold door. The oak beam is from the original cow shed that was knocked down in the early 1990's. My dad saved it especially to put in the new house build, he would have loved how it looks now.

Thinking - About some house decor. What will we choose? exciting times ahead.

Loving - Walking into town to watch the Christmas lights being turned on, drinking beer and bumping into friends.

Wondering - How much longer Big Sis will still believe. She is 11.

Eating - Mince pies (and jam ones for Little one who does not like mincemeat)

Growing - Lots of holly with berries at the farm. I always remember my Grandad putting me in the loader bucket on the front of the tractor to cut the best bits from the top. I had a go at a wreath.

Getting - Our tree decorated.

Watching - The Winter colours shine out on rare sunny days.

Disliking - How much pressure many women put on themselves at Christmas time.

Wearing - My new going out top which I made in sumptuous stretch velvet.

Enjoying - Writing Christmas cards. I think if you don't like doing it then you shouldn't put yourself through it.

Deciding - What my new years crafting resolutions might be.

Feeling - Winter Hygge

Best Wishes to you all. Jo xxxx


  1. Hey Jo, I loved reading these! You inspired me to do mine earlier this week. I'm going to try to do them more often, maybe every month like you do. It looks like you're having fun! I'm so excited about your house!!! I can't wait to see how you decorate. Your new velvet top is beautiful and looks great on you!

  2. It looks cosy and happy where you are Jo. Did you have a lovely night out with your gorgeous new top? I really like the bell sleeves. I can see your future family room taking shape in my mind. Next Christmas maybe with a crackling fire place finished with this amazing oak beam. I think I might have a moment of mantel envy :-)
    We just opened the door for Christmas - Alistair's birthday is done and dusted. Richard and the little ones are singing carols just now, with a battered little Christmas carol book that a long time ago came with a tape (!). It fills my heart with happiness hearing them. No pressure Christmas here. It will happen whether or not it is perfect. Have a wonderful Sunday. x

  3. Life is sounding lovely with you and your family Jo. You look stunning in that festive top. Happy Holiday making!

  4. Dear Jo
    Now that sounds like a great idea - a lovely lemon Bakewell tart and jam tarts instead of mince pies (I am not a fan of marzipan or dried fruit, so Christmas food is not great for me).
    Sounds like you are well organised and I like the new top - very glam!
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Jo a lovely blog. The wreath looks really classy and not overly fussy. The house seems to be coming along very nicely happy times ahead choosing decor.

  6. My daughter didn't believe in Santa for a while before she told me; she was younger than 11 and it was children at school that told her. He was not especially part of things so she didn't really mind. Marzipan is delicious, it's beer that is yuck to me, I could't have a thimbleful without pulling faces.

    Lovely top - I think I have the pattern.

  7. Since my grandchildren are home schooled, they have no one to "spill the beans" and, so, the 11 year still firmly believes and the 13 year old wavers, but, decided she would believe "just in case". Myra from Winnipeg, Canada

    1. That is a lovely comment and warms my heart. Jo x

  8. Lots of lovely festive things happy and cosy. Your new house is very exciting and how lovely you used the beam saved by your dad. Enjoy this week too Jo XXX

  9. Such fun to think of the choices you have ahead of you with the new house! I have been sleeping at the condo since Sat. night and am unpacking, making lists, hired a painter to paint the interior, and still have a few chores at the house before we turn in the keys on Friday afternoon....will be so glad when that is done!!!!!!! :)

  10. What a lovely post. That top is lush, seriously. And your house! Oh my goodness, there is so much fun ahead of you decorating your new home. (Also very jealous of your bi-fold doors.)