Thursday, 13 September 2018

Autumnal Florals

 NEWLOOK 6217 has made many a visit to my handmade wardrobe. 3/4 length capri trousers were made earlier this year and I wore them a lot: cool but smart.

I wanted to make another pair for Autumn because I am struggling to get into my jeans at the moment...Ahem. I ordered some stretch cotton sateen from a company called Sherwood fabrics. I visit this website about twice a year for a treat and always find a bargain. The fabric arrives wrapped in tissue which always makes me feel kind of special, shallow I know.

I used the Newlook pattern as a base but made some modifications: the usual wider rear crotch seam to eliminate the baggy bit I always get in the waistband along with a little elastic tab to hold it close to my lower back, like here.


 I also made them full length and then fitted them to myself closely to get a skinny jean style. I always see this style on the Boden website (Richmond trousers) but they are £70 plus! My modification of adding two invisible zips has worked a treat to get the smooth leg shape and still be able to get them over my ankles. 

This modification means I can wear ankle boots with them to take me into the sock wearing months. Lots of colours go with these trousers so they should get plenty of wear because I can both sit down at a desk and teach in them comfortably.

I love them!

Thanks for dropping by. Jo x


  1. Those are adorable! I love the fabric and they fit you so well. The legs look really nice on you and they look terrific with your boots!

  2. These look amazing! I love receiving fabric in the post. I really like the alterations you’ve done, the zips are such a good idea!

  3. These trousers are fabulously crazy, I love them! What a great idea to add a zipper at the bottom, you should patent this idea :-)

  4. Oh my giddy aunt,these are just wonderful.I Love Them,and the zip idea is just the icing on the cake.x

  5. They are wonderful, love the fabric and indeed the style.

  6. Such a joyful pair of trousers for Autumn. Beautiful colours in the fabric and I like your fun design feature of zips at the ankles for a more snug fit.

  7. Clever you! I love the fabric and can imagine you enjoying lots of wear from them :) Thanks for sharing how your fashioned them. xx