Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Capri trousers NEWLOOK 6217

I love using this pattern: Newlook 6217; I know it fits. It is easy to make changes in style. The invisible side zip means they are great for wearing with T-shirts and tunics. They are really easy to whip up in an evening. You can make them in various fabric weights. What's not to love?

This fabric has had many a tissue pattern piece laid out on it only to be folded up again and put back in the cupboard. It is a Robert Kaufman cotton. I bought it from Craftsy in a sale as a skirt kit about four years ago. In the end I decided the pattern wasn't for me, passed the pattern on, and kept the fabric. 

But every time I tried to use it, there was not enough fabric. That said, there wasn't really enough for these unless I made them capri style which worked out fine for this warm Summer. I thought that these trousers would be good for work, rest or play. I don't normally wear black in Summer but I went for it.

When I had my final 'in progress' try on, I had the annoying gape at the back that I always have but I needed this spare fabric when I sat down so I unpicked a bit of the stay tape facing. Into the back I inserted a piece of wide elastic to take in the slack when standing. It worked really well when I wore them.

I want another pair of patterned trousers now with a longer leg length in a heavier fabric for Autumn. Ooh the wish list keeps growing :)

I have made everything on this pattern except the cardigan (not my thing)and it has always been a complete success.

Do you have this pattern? What do you think of it?


  1. These look amazing! I love that style of trouser, as you said they are perfect for summer. That fabric is perfect too, I’m glad it found the right pattern in the end.

  2. I've made the top several times but ignored the pants. Your cute version makes me want to try it!

  3. They look great Jo. I'm just waiting for sime fabric to arrive! Yikes! I've not done any proper sewing for yrs. I did soft furnishings at school and in the home for curtains and quilted table mats, repairs etc but not clothes.
    I'm starting with a nightdress x 2. Nothing fancy, just a basic style in 2 colours. I can never find nice plain nightdresses I like. It's McCall's M2476 pattern. I ordered from myfabrics online but following the link with your previous post - dress with Minerva
    (which also looks great - loved the colour, pattern) I much prefer that site. All the info is clearly displayed without clicking to see what it's ideal for eg dresses etc.
    A question for you - do you trace out the pattern first - or do you use the pattern straight? I watched a lady on youtube who does that and I'd never thought about that before.
    The pattern says it takes 2 hrs but I'm really not expecting to be that quick. Maybe that's the best way though. I remember at school any dressmaking took weeks and weeks to finish. Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, I nearly always cut a pattern straight out but a lady at my sewing class always traces them (she has lost 4 stone over 2 years so it was a good job!) I used to trace them but now that I have been making my clothes regularly for so long I know what kind of adjustments to make, what size to cut and where to grade out to the next size or curve back in. Minerva is a great family UK based company to support. Jo x

  4. They look fab! I don't have this pattern but I have looked at it a few times. Thank you for the recommendation. x

  5. Very clever use of the elastic! Your process notes continue to help me appreciate the detail work needed for a good fit. My daughter bought me two tailored pairs of dress slacks for Mother's day and I am in awe of their construction...so many fitting darts and such that seemed to make them be made just for me. She got both on clearance for the miraculous price of$14.00!!

  6. Great modelling Jo,loving that fabric and great pattern.x