Sunday, 9 September 2018


Making - A purple cardigan.

Buying - Some new wool

Wondering - What to knit next with it!

Eating - A lot of vegetarian food. Potato and spinach Galette and roasted veg calzone made with tortillas. 

Growing - courgettes and raspberries. Picking wild blackberries. My mum has grown cucamelons: a small cucumber with a citrus taste.

Building - Watching some skilled stone masons build the front of our house. It is going to be incredible but a long time.

Thinking - About our new house a lot.

Fixing - New knobs on the big girls sewing desk - I knew the right ones would come along, they have buttons inset. There was much hilarity in the knobs and knockers shop.

Loving -  The message she chose to create in her light box.

Getting - Back into family scrap booking. I have discovered lots of new photos and documents in my dad's oak chest. This is Little M and me at about the same age: my mum knit my cardigan - funny that!

Watching - Our girls return to school.

Disliking - The shorter days.

Considering - How many 10cm squares I will need for a postage stamp quilt but generally just filling the cake tin.

Enjoying - Our visit to the Zoo

Deciding - How many events to say yes to, lots on the horizon.

Wanting - nothing really, just world peace as ever.

Feeling - Proud to be asked to be a godparent this month.

Jo xxxx


  1. I am enjoying reading your post:) I have exactly the same button knobs on my craft room drawers. And I have one more thing in common with you that’s going on in my life- new house:) I spend lot of time planning for it, we are at the interior designing stage.

  2. Always enjoy your ing posts, Jo 😃. The light box message is one I should post next to my sewing machine! Good for you in making progress on many fronts. It is a treasure to see you and your daughter years apart but not! xx

  3. Lovely post, looking forward to seeing the postage stamp quilt and I have never heard of a cucamelon, so thanks for that. x

  4. Lovely blog as always Jo. The house stone cladding is coming along very nicely and looks soooo good. The cardigan knitting looks great such a lovely pattern. Have a great week.

  5. Love the stone you have chosen for your house. The house must be on your mind all the time certainly exciting times. Love the light box. I came across that type of cucumber for sale at a car boot sale a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.

  6. The purple cardigan is wonderful I want one, also loving the button knobs what a great find. The shorter days are a little sad I have to say, getting up in the dark already how did that happen. x

  7. How nice to be asked to be a godparent! What an honor. Your girls both look so much like you! I loved seeing the photos side by side. I have a composite I made with my husband and daughter at about the same age, it's amazing how similar they are. Both of mine look more like their father than me, I think. My son has my nose though, it's unmistakable, poor kid.

  8. Lovely ing post Jo, it's nice to see what you're cooking etc. The button knobs look great. Your photos look so alike, I remember staging a photo with my Nan, Mum, myself and my son. It's good to look back on. Cathy x