Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lace Pattern Socks

You can put some things on a pedestal and put things off but as we tell or children when trying a new food, 'you won't know until you try it.' Patterned socks were like this for me. I thought they would be so hard that I put them on my New Years resolution list in order to have 12 months to build myself up to them but the truth is, they were a pleasure to knit.

The yarn is Stylecraft Head over heels which I bought from a new wool shop in Church Stretton. I am a sucker for a chat in a yarn shop with a nice owner and so left with a ball of sock yarn.

I used the October sock pattern which is free on Christina's blog A colourful life. It is so well written and I found it a breeze.I did a little change on round 1 of the pattern section - I made a full wrap around of the yarn as the last stitch before the purl 1, knit 6 rather than just bringing the yarn forward. It depends on what style of knitting you do but look out for it anyway if you use this pattern and find out what works for your knitting style.

The heel is the most comfortable one I have knitted on all of the socks I have made so far.

So the moral of this post is: don't put things off, have a go, 'You won't know until you try it!' Good Luck with trying to get your children to eat Sprouts though:)

One of my crafting resolutions for 2018 already gone. Yay!

Jo xxx


  1. Heel flap and gusset is the most comfortable heel for me,the afterthought heel is not too bad. Lovely socks, I have been to look at the patterns and see a few pairs in my knitting list.

  2. They are a beautiful make, well done on achieving one of your resolutions so soon.

  3. I love the wool so much! They look really good.

  4. Lovely socks, the wool is really nice also. Thanks so much for choosing my pattern. I just found this interesting article regarding the yarn-overs: I learned that as a continental knitter, it doesn't matter what stitch follows after a yarn-over. I didn't know that English knitters are have to used different ways of making a loop, depending on the stitch that follows. I will add at comment to the pattern. I am glad you are no longer worried about patterned socks :-) Have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Superb! Every day is a school day. I have cast on the cable twist ones now. :)

  5. They are wonderful socks Jo. Perfect color and the pattern is beautiful. Well done on the heel. Sending you a big hug.

  6. OK, you have set the bar high this year. Not that I am a competitive sock knitter or anything, love, Mary x

  7. Lovely socks, they look very cosy and I think we're all going to need our cosy socks this week. I am keen to have a go at these but have several baby blankets to finish first which I can't put off because the babies won't wait! x

  8. Lovely looking socks Jo. I've not used this wool before but have seen it available in town. I must get back to my socks on the needles and finish them, Cathy x

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