Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mid Season Crochet Top

This month I have a crocheted a tank top to share with you. Minerva sent me a pattern, hook and yarn to have a go. The yarn is King Cole riot which I have used before. The colour runs are nice and long so it makes super stripes which were easy to match up from ball to ball. 

The top is made from bottom to top with front and back alike. You sew in the little sleeves and then add the yoke to the whole garment. It is a slightly cropped shape so I used three balls instead of two to make it longer. All very simple but very effective. You need to be able to stitch count to keep the sizing. It comprises trebles, double crochet and chains.

I made a lot of it at the cabin over December looking at this winter view with my back against the fire. The colour runs were evocative of this landscape palette. Everything felt right in the world...until... came to the flower row to make the yoke. I thought I had gone as mad as a bucket of frogs. I did it six times but it wasn't right. Next I drew it as I read it to try and get the right shape in my head. In the end, I commandeered Andy to read out the pattern as I drew it. This obviously took lots of patience because he asked so many questions to gain some crochet understanding himself. We tried it out on a spare piece eventually I wrote out my own pattern loosely based on the instructions but seriously linked to the picture. (I have posted them on ravelry here if you ever need them)

The top works well with a long sleeved T-shirt; it is a welcome break from full on winter knits in a warm office.

Shame my ceramic pendant is the wrong way round, it goes so well, trust me. Are you crocheting at the moment? This is such a quick pattern to make for Spring.
Jo xx


  1. Crochet is a craft I neglect, mostly because the patterns are puzzling me but also because I think it uses a lot of yarn. Enjoying the view with the back against the fires sounds blissful. I like the tank top, the colours suit you very well. You are lucky to have such an understanding bloke in your live! Richard would make a runner at the slightest hint of me asking for craft related help. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. I am impressed with the view and the way the colours of the yarn are representative of the landscape. Beautiful top.

  3. I love that - I'm knitting something similar. Very versatile.

  4. Your tank top is beautiful Jo, love the colours. My husband would do the same, he has the knack of 'just reading the pattern'. I think I try and 'interpret it'. In the end, after I've unpicked it several times and am wanting to throw it out the window (I don't tend to throw things), I seek his help. He laughs at my unpicking. He calls it anti-knitting. I'll go to knit n natter and knit/crochet something but then go home and unpick some. Cathy x

  5. Fabulous top Jo. I love it and would make one myself except my joins are atrocious. If I made it in two pieces it would work better for me but that is not how the pattern goes I am afraid. You look great and it was the perfect yarn for the project.

    1. You could easily do it in the round. I did wonder why it was in two pieces when in the end you need to join it altogether to add the yoke. Jo x

  6. It looks lovely! I really like the effect crochet gives.